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CA is tough, but Ain't You? | konceptca.com
CA is tough, but Ain't You? ask your self few questions.

CA is tough, but Ain't You? | konceptca.com

CA is tough, but Ain't You? | konceptca.com

  • 21-January-2017
  • CA-CPT
  • By Ruchika

In the CPT June 2017, many would be writing the CPT Exam for the 1st time & many would be repeating the CPT Exam.

There is always this anxiety in anyone preparing for the Chartered Accountancy course - that CA is tough, CA is difficult, CA needs luck, blaah, blaah, blaah.

If you ask me whether CA is tough?
I won't deny.
It is tough but so what?
Aren't you also tough?

In fact, this toughness of the course is something which craves out the Best in You making you more tough & smart.

I have not been a very intelligent student but one thing that I always had was my hard work & determination & patience.

CA is tough but nothing remains tough when you are very keen & determined to crack it. The question arises, if it is tough, why do I even try it? There are other easy courses to study & get some degree.

I have a simple answer for that -

CA is not just a degree that you seek, this course gives you the super amazing transformation in your personality as a person, as a professional.

What this super amazing transformation am I talking about?

Till now most of us have the habit to cram the chapters without understanding it n depth. This is actually a wrong habit because in the real professional life, we will not be given pre decided set of questions or problems whose pre decided solutions we can give. In real life, everyday new problems, assignments will come which we will have to analyze in different manner.

This tool of analysis is provided by Chartered Accountancy Course because here in the real examination, you get amazing case studies, real life based problems & then feel like as if you are the CFO or CEO of that organization & have to bring out the organization of that problem

Isn't that sound exciting!
And its true that this can be tough,
So what, we are tough in our preparation and hard work that we will clear all the hurdles & become a part of the Most Trusted & Most Respected Profession - Chartered Accoutant.

Vola, I missed the most important thing -

3 years of Internship or popularly called as Articleship. That's the coolest part. While studying you also get the experience of how to work in an organization. The much needed job experience which everyone gets after getting their degrees, we get that here before entering our job or practice, thanks to the ICAI Course Mechanism.

ICAI gives you so much in the CA Course & in turn asks only few things -

  1. Your hard work
  2. Your sheer determination
  3. Your patience
  4. Your never to give up attitude

All these things you have in yourself.
So, hey there,
Even if you are an average student, don't ever let this though come that CA is tough.
Just remember, you are equally tough!

So, go & get the most beautiful gift in your life by yourself -

Cheers to learning!!!

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