By Ruchika

CPT Exam Clock is TICKING !! 18th Dec, 2016

So, you are few (roughly 2) months away from achieving your 1st goal of your BIG AIM.


Actually, 3 months - results will be somewhere declared in January 2017.

Its time to role up your sleeves, fasten your seat belts and Aii Aii Captain, take off your plane !!

By now, you must have made lot of time tables, schedules, revisited the same, scrapped some of them, made some new and it goes on & on,,,

Most of us have the tendency to wake up at the last minute and even in less time, we do wonders

(Blessed with such brain cells) !!!

Ideally, 2 months preparation time is something very sufficient for you to clear the exam with what everyone calls - Flying Colors ! Its now a high time actually that you start taking things a little seriously. Now, serious doesn't mean that you study with that stern face look. We never want our students to loose their smile. They should be smiling the most when studying, learning.

Serious only means - to prioritize & strategise your remaining time now.

The December month days should be used only for taking mock tests & mock exams - Chapter wise, subject wise & paper wise. By November, you should be able to complete your entire course in terms of understanding the chapters by watching the study videos and taking the immense practice of each topic of a chapter.

Solve as many questions as you can. It's a habit of students that they will keep on reading the chapter again & again and run away from doing the practice. Doing this results will also run away from you. Your real application of reading the chapter will be only when you are able to solve the sums. In CPT Exam, they will not ask you to write a paragraph, they will give you MCQs to solve which is way different & confusing from writing a paragraph as it is from a book.

For completing your course, you have roughly 40 days. 40 days and 4 subjects of which it is not necessary to devote equal time to each subject. It depends on lot of factors -

  • Your grip & understanding of each subject
  • Length of syllabus in each subject

So, find out the subject that you find the most difficult and study it first. Take one practical & one theory subject at a time. It's an articulate way to make the most of your time.

While practicing, take a close look at the incorrect options and find out reasons for why they are incorrect. Mark important questions or questions your find difficult or questions that you answered incorrectly. Practice it again during the last minute revisions.

Don't get disheartened when you answer incorrectly. Keep moving ahead and continue your practice & hard work. One day, your every effort will make sense.

Most importantly, never let following thoughts come in your mind - (AND NEVER MEANS NEVER)

  • I can't do it
  • CA is not my cup of tea
  • It's too difficult for me.
  • Bus Pass ho jaau
  • Yeh attempt toh sirf try hain
Be positive every single minute with only 1 target - 18th Dec, 2016, I will take the exam and succeed it.

So, with this positivity and thought, I rest my pen here.

If you have any feedback, more than happy to welcome it !

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Cheers to Learning

Option A -

  1. You can obtain the examination form (CPT Application form) along with the Information brochure from the regional and branch offices of the Institute for Rs. 1,500.

  2. You need to fill the form based on the guidelines mentioned in the Information brochure and submit the same so as to reach New Delhi by 27th October, 2016 or submit at any of the decentralised offices of the Institute mentioned below by 27th October, 2016 -
    MumbaiChennai Kolkata

Option B -

  1. A quick view of the entire process -

    Click -
    ICAI Exam Website

  2. Instructions to fill the form -
    1. Step 1 - Enter your login details. If not registered, then click on Register Now.
    2. Step 2 - Fill the exam form details - Part 1
    3. Step 3 - Fill the exam form details - Part 2
    4. Step 4 - Yeah !!! Your profile has been created
    5. Step 5 - Enter your address where they can send you the Admit Card:)
    6. Step 6 - Your registration details saved.
    7. Step 7 - Here is your personalised dash board

From being 1st in my state in CPT, 43rd in ALL INDIA in CA PCC and finally 7th in ALL INDIA in CA FINALS, I'm sharing all the valuable secrets of achieving the most coveted title - CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT

- Ruchika Saboo

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