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How CA CPT Online Classes Help You in Self Study

How CA CPT Online Classes Help You in Self Study

How CA CPT Online Classes Help You in Self Study

  • 25-April-2016
  • CA-CPT
  • By Ruchika

CA CPT is a tough challenge anyone can ever have. Though a strong mind, and dedicated heart can perform anything. No education can be done without paying a good amount of fees, and so does the CA CPT. In that case budget students and those who are running out of money come into the pressure.Well, why then CA CPT online classes are there then?

Do not worry, this blog will give you a few tips to know how you can still learn the way other students do.

Check the syllabus and plan the study route

You may find it just syllabus which is not just a syllabus. Read it, and imagine the question paper and plan how youwill start your preparation. Check out old CPT Study Materials and you will get an idea how the question paper is designed, and this will help you design a route map of your preparation.

Focus on Accounts

Why we are saying this is because you are familiar with this subject. In 10th standard you already knew that you want to pursue CA, and in 12th itself you have had hands on. So focus on accounts and cover all the questions.

Question Paper

At last, when you appear in the exam this is the important tip which we are giving you. Try to solve objective questions first. Also, do not go for multiple questions first, even if you know the answers. They are lengthy and occupy you for long, and thus you will not get a chance to look other question. It is a trick only a few understand.

Best CA Coaching Classes in Surat

KonceptCA keeps study further than the fees. There online courses and syllabus help students learn questions and their answers fast. They make sure students understand the depth of the question and not just cram the answers. To know more about their online video classes visit their website.

Koncept Education

Konceptca - India's one stop online exam trainer. We provide the most trusted platform where students can prepare for the competitive examinations. Transforming the brick and mortar tutorial rooms into a complete new-age digital classroom is what we aim at. We support our students by providing course videos, practice materials and also arrange mock tests for them. Our strength is to combine education and technology. Currently we are focusing on CA CPT, CA INTERMEDIATE and very soon we will be providing CA FINAL, CS, CIMA, CPA, and CFA online tutorials.

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