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  • 17-April-2019
  • CA-CPT
  • By Ruchika

We have launched a


for the students who have their

CA CPT Exam in JUNE 2019

This June attempt is going to be the last attempt for CA CPT.
And that is the main reason of starting this CPT SPECIAL Batch completely for FREE

4000+ students have already joined the special batch and many more are joining daily. To Join the Batch, Watch the video below: 

Join FREE CA CPT Special Batch June 2019

Thus, to Join the Special Batch, you need to do the following -

1. Download our FREE CA CPT App - Free CA CPT KonceptCA App
2. Make a Study Account with us. If you already have a study account with us, go to Step No. 3
3. Go to Profile Tab and Add ‘Special Batch’ before your name and Save Changes.

Voila! You have enrolled in the Special Batch!

Now, the main question is ‘What do we provide you in the special batch?’ ‘What is so special about it?’ Here’s the answer.

Besides providing -
1. 40 hours of Study Videos which can you can watch any time, any number of times.
2. 8000+ Practice MCQs with complete solutions & reasoning
3. Unlimited Chapter Wise, Subject Wise, Paper Wise Tests
4. 2 Real Time Mock Exams

We also provide the following in the Special Batch

  1. A platform to solve your doubts

    a. We, at Koncept, are aware of the fact that all students studying for CA CPT get some doubts, at one point or another. We have created a platform where the Special batch students can get their doubts solved.

    b. We will be solving your doubts through our Youtube Channel (youtube channel link). A doubt window will be opened daily from 10AM to 1 PM.

    c. In these three hours, the students can post their doubts, maximum 5 doubts per student per day. We will reply through the Youtube post itself. Doubts asked after 1 PM would not be answered. Also, this doubt window is exclusively for the students who have enrolled with us in the Special Batch.

    d. It is compulsory to mention your KEid (Koncept Roll no.) with the doubt you ask.

    e. We will check here, whether you are a Special Batch student or not. The doubts would be answered only to the students who have enrolled with us in the Special Batch.

    f. So those who wish to get their doubts solved, Go and Join our Special Batch right away!

    CA CPT Doubts Solve Koncept Education

  2. Daily Quiz
    1. Daily quiz is a great way to keep a check on your preparation for CA CPT June 2019 exam and adding to the fun quotient in the studies.
    2. We will be posting 2 questions daily- one on our Instagram account and the other through Youtube post.
    3. All the students of Special Batch need to answer both the questions in the comment section.
    4. We will reply to all the students individually as to whether their answer is Correct or Incorrect.
    5. Again, the answers of only the Special Batch students will be taken into consideration.
    6. We want to keep you motivated! And this quiz will surely help in that.

      To find out Daily Quiz posts, Click the link below:
      CA CPT Daily Quiz

    CA CPT Daily Quiz Koncept Education
  3. Daily Targets

    Studying with some targets in your mind always gives fruitful results. So, we have made daily targets for the Special Batch students and we suggest you to meet them. You will be getting these targets through Youtube post. The targets would be for MCQs, Tests, etc. All the Special Batch students who complete their targets should comment on the post- “Done KErollno”. Already many students are replying who meet these targets daily. So, go see Today’s Target and start working on it!!

    To check Daily Target posts, check the below given link:
    CA CPT Special Batch - Daily Targets

    CA CPT Daily Targets Koncept Education

  4. Tips and Tricks

    To clear CA CPT Exam, it is very important to be fast and swift with your answers. Tips and Tricks will help you to give correct answers and also save your time too. We upload these Tips and Tricks on the Instagram story as well as Youtube post. Keep checking our Instagram account and Youtube Channel for Daily Updates. We will be uploading tricks for all the subjects – Fundamental of Accounting, Mercantile Law, General Economics and
    Quantitative Aptitude. These Tips and Tricks will surely save your time and help you score good!

    To check Tips and Trick video, check the below given link:
    CA CPT Special Batch Tips and Tricks