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CA Failure To CA Success | motivational stories
How to change situation from CA Failure to CA Success?

CA Failure To CA Success | motivational stories

CA Failure To CA Success | motivational stories

  • 30-January-2019
  • CA-CPT
  • By Team Koncept

The motivational blog for those students who have to get fail in CA CPT / CA Foundation.

"Some Time You Win, Some Time You Learn But You Never Fail"
Using this motivational quotes we want to say that we win, we learn, we never fail.


It is ok to fail in CA CPT/ca foundation but do not repeat the same mistake. So in this blog, we will cover almost all aspect to get fail in CA CPT/CA foundation and also discuss that aspect to resolve. Please keep read this entire blog and we also provide video link at the end of this blog in which we give example to identify your failure in CA CPT/CA Foundation Exam.

Reasons for failure and it's the solution

The most common reason for failure in CA CPT/CA Foundation:
  1. Did Not Study
  2. Studied but still fail
  3. Paper Checking Issue

Did Not Study

This one is the most common reason for that student who gets fail. These students who attempt exam without any preparation.


First of all, find out where you spend time and why you can't allocate for study. whatever reason and where-ever you allocate your valuable time for study you allocate or can't schedule time for your study.

After finding you have whatever reason. Either focus on study reschedule your study plan or leave this CA course.

If you don't know how to schedule your study. We will help you.

  • How many days you have for the next exam attempt?
  • How many chapters are in your syllabus?
  • allocate you have total days to total chapters and also don't forget to allocate days for revision. (formula = (total days/total chapters)/2(for revision))
So, reschedule your study plan and try to follow it till your exam if you can't follow next day try to make a new study plan which recovers your previous study.

If you still get confused where to start then here we provide you links where you can prepare your CA CPT and CA Foundation course free of cost:

Studied but still fail

Another one is the most common reason for that student who gets fail. This student attempt exam with preparation but not pass.

If you have this reason then Your Parents and You both have the bifurcation of two things:

Exam Approach weak 
  • Blank: when you get in your exam with full preparation and revision also but when you start writing your paper you got blank.
  • Speed: You start your paper attempt with full confidence but can't complete your paper because of lack of speed.
  • Exam Smart: You read smart, even complete your syllabus with revision but not attempt exam smart.
The Most Dangerous Situation
  • This kind of approach is most dangerous for CA Student because that person can't identify their cause why they get fail.
  • If this answer gets from parents or you(student) then you need more help and you are really in the most dangerous situation.
  • This situation is a more dangerous situation as compared to "Did Not Study".
  • In this situation get student have only one reason and that is they can't clear their concepts properly.



If you got fail due to exam approach we have the solution here:

Blank: you thought about your answer is correct or wrong before attempt your exam and you got confused about your exam questions. If you face this problem then it's ok don't worry too much here we provide you with a solution and your solution is: 
  1. stop overthinking means close your eyes and calm your self.
  2. think about what you were read. We are sure that if you read out you get all. 
Speed: If you face this problem don't worry. You have only one thing to do writing practice.  Your speed increased with your writing practice.

Exam Smart: As we know CA CPT and CA Foundation in both exams have negative marking system. So we have to tricks:
  • Never tick on assumption.
  • In CA Foundation attempt those question first that you know the answer about it for sure.
  • Identify your compulsory questions and attempt those questions.
The Most Dangerous Situation: In this case CA student have some suggestions through which CA student can overcome from this situation and get to Success in CA Exams.
  • practice written test papers chapter wise through this student can identify their mistake that which chapter concepts are clear and on which chapter they have made more efforts

Paper Checking Issue

Another one is the most common reason for that student who gets fail. This student is who attempt exam with preparation but not pass.


If you are 100% sure that you have completed your study properly but still you get fail to go for paper checking (Reassessment).

Here we provide motivational video in which entire blog details are discussed and also provide examples to identify your situation for CA CPT/CA Foundation fail and with the help of this video you can get motivate and overcome from your failure situation to succeed in your CA CPT/CA Foundation Exam:

Thanks to all those readers who read this blog. We sure about that after reading and watch our blog CA CPT/CA Foundation Student can get help to change their situation from Fail to Success.

So, All THE BEST for the next attempt.

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