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CA Inter Suggested answers for Enterprise Information Systems and Strategic Management Subject
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CA Inter Suggested answers for Enterprise Information Systems and Strategic Management Subject

CA Inter Suggested answers for Enterprise Information Systems and Strategic Management Subject

  • 22-January-2022
  • CA-Inter
CA Inter Dec 2021 Enterprise Information Systems and Strategic Management question paper:

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 1. (a)

Business managers use MIS reports in the decision-making process. MIS reports need to ensure that it meets certain criteria to make information most useful. Explain any three such criteria.

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 1. (b)

Distinguish between Connection Oriented and Connectionless Networks.

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 2. (a)  

Data is a critical resource that must be organized, controlled and managed properly. In order to achieve the same purpose, XYZ Ltd. decided to transform all its data into digitized form. As a Database Administrator of the company, you are required to suggest major advantage of Database Management Systems (DBMS) to the top management.

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 2. (b)   

Briefly explain the advantages of business policy “Bring Your Own device” (BYOD).

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 3. (a) 

Human Resource Management (HRM) plays an important role in the effective and efficient management of the human resource in any enterprise. As an HR Manager of XYZ Ltd., which typical stages of HR life cycle will you implement in the company?

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 3. (b)   

Categorize the different kinds of business risks that any enterprise faces.

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 4 (a)

Controlling Module is one of the business process modules of the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) System. It facilitates coordinating, monitoring and optimizing all the processes in an organization. In the light of these statements, describe any six key features of the Controlling Module of ERP system.

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 4 

Briefly explain the Web Server and Proxy Server.

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 5. (a) 

Core Banking System/Solution (CBS) has become a mandatory requirement in the banking system. CBS are usually running 24 x 7 to support Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM Services, etc. with the help of its various modules. Most of the key modules of CBS are connected to a Central Server. As an IT expert, discuss any three Back End Applications/Modules and any three Front End Applications/Modules of CBS.

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 5. 

What is Mobile Computing? Explain the key components of Mobile Computing.


ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 5. (b)

Describe any four characteristics of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 6.

Inspite of high commodity inflation, shortage of components and the threat of a third wave of COVID-19 pandemic in India, Manufactures of packaged goods, home appliances and consumer electronics are expecting the business to grow by 12 to 25 percent in the coming months. After one-and-a-half years of disruption, manufacturers are now confident about managing their inventories better, keeping their supply channels well-stocked and preparing themselves to minimalize the impact of any COVID related restrictions even as they gear up for the festive season, which usually accounts for 25 to 35 percent of their yearly sales.

The home appliances sectors could be an example. After a dismal April-June quarter in the year 2021; producers of air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines are expecting their business to grow by 15-20 percent in the months to come. All the companies operating in the sector have geared up to grad the opportunities available in the market.

A leading company in the house appliances domain, XXP India, is planning to launch various innovative product designs and offer loyalty programmers to lure consumers.

With reference to Michael Porter’s generic, identify which strategy XXP India has planned for? Explain how this strategy will be advantageous to the company to remain profitable?

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 7. (a)

A Chennai based fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) major CDE Ltd. recently announced restructuring its business. The company indicated that the business would be split into mainly four different streams – FMCG, E-commerce, Retail and research & Development. The company management has decided that these four units will operate as separate businesses. The top corporate officer shall delegate responsibility for day-to-day operations and business unit strategy to the concerned managers.

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 7. (b)

What are the important aspects of the process of implementation of strategy?

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 8. (a)

STU’s association with India goes back to 1967, when it played a key role in constructing a very long highway in India spreading over multiple states. Since then, it is contributing in many ways to the country’s growth story. Now it is looking at playing an active role in the key projects taken up by the central government. Suggest few Opportunities and Threats that the company should consider.

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 8. (b)

“There are certain conditions or indicators which point out that a turnaround is needed if the company has to survive.”

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 9. (a)

“Business organization face countless marketing challenges that affect the success or failure of strategy implementation.” In light of this statement, discuss some Marketing decisions that require special attention.

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 9. (b)

GWA, a leading Japan based automobile company decide to make India a hub for the company’s 250 cc motor cycle to be manufactured in collaboration with the TPR Group, a leading India motorcycle manufacturer. The production is to be exported to the company’s home market as well as to other African countries.

What is this growth strategy called? Point out the most important advantages both the companies expect from such strategy/collaboration.

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 10. (a)

“Each organization must build its competitive advantage, keeping in mind the business warfare. This can be done by following the process of strategic management.” Considering this statement, explain major benefits of strategic management.

ICAI CA Inter Dec 2021 Question 10. (b)

Why is strategy evaluation more difficult? Give reasons.


What are the factors which determine the nature of rivalry, in an industry?

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