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Koncept Education Student SAMRIDHI GOEL achieves AIR 43 in ICAI CA Intermediate Nov 18 Exam



  • 19-February-2019
  • CA-Inter
  • By Ruchika

Nov 18 Exam


Q1: What was your inspiration of doing CA?

A1: Both my parents are Chartered Accountants. I have always admired the work they do and as a kid their jobs fascinated me. So at a time when most people don’t even know CA as a course I was sure I wanted to be one. Though my parents never pressurized me to take up this course, I can safely say they are the ones who have inspired me to enter this field.

Q2: Why did you choose Online Classes for your study instead of any other Coaching Centre?

A2: Along with preparing for my CA Intermediate exams, I am also pursuing B.Com(H) from Hansraj college. So one of the key factors that attracted me towards Online Classes was the convenience of studying through them anytime, anywhere. Some of the subjects in Intermediate are taught in the earlier semesters of college but not all of them. So you need some help especially in these subjects. I found this help in Online Classes.

Q3: How did you decide that you have to join KonceptCA as your Online Class for CA INTERMEDIATE?

A3: While deciding upon which Online Classes to take my main criterion was – Quality of Content. Some of my friends who also opted for Online classes suggested KonceptCA. So I looked up their site and took the demo classes. I found the content satisfactory and therefore decided to opt for it.

Q4: Students have fear as to doubt solving, regularity in tests & studies in online classes. Did these things not bothered you?

A4: Everything has its benefits and limitations. Online Classes are no exception. But the team at KonceptCA have brought in features which can reduce these fears and overcome the limitations. They have the doubt session and regular test series. These added benefits actually solve the problem to a great extent. The features are there; so now it’s up to the student to use them whenever needed.

Q5: Were your parents confident of your Online Classes Choice at KonceptCA?

A5: My parents personally went through the features KonceptCA offered and only after they were satisfied with the demo lectures and other features did they agree on taking up KonceptCA online classes.

Q6: Describe your study experience at KonceptCA in detail for practical as well as theory subjects and how did you prepare for each subject?

A6: The overall experience at Koncept has been amazing. The videos deliver a great content especially for Costing and Taxation. The key is to not let go of any topic until it is clear to you- repeatedly watch the videos to strengthen the foundation. Next step is to practice variety of questions given in the practice PDF.

The good thing about the practice PDF is that it covers all the questions of the module which is a must. Even the theoretical subjects taught by Ruchika ma’am make things simpler to understand and the number of times she revises the topic kind of ensures that it stays with you.

With Law, it is initially important to understand what the Bare Act says. Once you know that, now its time to learn the provisions. As far as possible, try giving the tests especially for the practical subjects.

The approach that I followed while studying practical subjects was to first understand any topic through videos or through college lectures and then practice questions on that topic until I reach a certain confidence level.

The most important thing is to not let yourself out of practice. Try at least 2-3 questions from any topic of the subject that you have already completed to remain in practice.

With theory subjects once you understand what is written in the text, it is equally important to learn up the key words, for which Ruchika Ma’am gave a very interesting tip- THE WALL OF WORDS. Every theory subject needs to be revised at least three to four times before exams. Make your own small notes or pointers to help memorize.

Q7: Were your parents confident of your Online Classes Choice at KonceptCA?

A7: As mentioned earlier, my approach for practical subjects was to clear the concept and then practice a variety of questions. I did the same with Costing. However, I feel that the 3 days window that we got for costing exam gave me more time to prepare.

I had made a small notebook which had all the important formulae from all the topics and other points to remember. Before taking up each chapter, I went through those notes, then made sure I practiced all the module questions and looked up the videos which I had marked important for myself.

Writing the formulas yourself helps you to remember them better and can be helpful for last moment revision.

Q8: How much were your parents involved in your studies as both of them are Chartered Accountants?

A8: The role my parents played in the whole process is twofold. As Chartered Accountants, they would help me whenever I got stuck. The very small doubts could be addressed immediately.

At times they would even give me some tips. But the more important role was that of supporting family! Their constant motivation kept me going. Just their presence would make situations lighter.

They would always boost my confidence and told me everything would fall in place. The emotional support they gave me throughout the exam period was unmatchable and I cannot thank them enough for that. I think they did what was needed the most- to act as parents before being as Chartered Accountants!

Q9: Describe those 16 days of exam.

A9: My father would always tell me to save my stamina for exam days and I didn’t understand the true worth of what it meant until the exams actually started! Just like everyone says, how well you prepare yourself in that 1-day window is much more crucial than how well you worked 1 month before exams.

Those 16 days of exams were nothing less than a roller coaster ride for me. I have been under pressure before, I mean all of us have handled the pressure of boards but the emotional strength needed in these 16 days surpasses that level.

Initially there was the nervousness which was similar to the feeling on the day of first board exam. But by the time you are done with 1st group, your energy level takes a dip and this is where you eagerly start waiting for the exams to get over.

There was a point where my anxiety level was so high that I was on the verge of giving up but thanks to my mother, I managed to keep myself together and give my 100%.

Q10: Any final suggestion you would want to give to students who would be giving their CA INTER Exams?

A10: Just a few things which I feel are important to keep in mind include:

  • For practical subjects, ensure that your concepts are clear and you are not out of practice. So regularly keep doing 2-3 sums from the subject.
  • For theory subjects, 3 revisions are a must. Even though you understand what the text wants to say, if you are unable to give key words in your answers, you wont be able to score well. Keep the module as the base for learning answers especially for EIS.
  • Save your stamina for the exam days because that is when you need to be your 100%.
  • Just before exams, ensure that you go through all the module questions in case of practical subjects.
  • For law, try and remember various sections, but if you are not sure about the section no. don’t write it in your answer!
  • Start with questions you are confident about so as to make good first impression.
  • Keep yourself hydrated, eat light food to avoid drowsiness, and if you need breaks, take a small nap or go for a walk instead of spending that time on social media sites.
  • Do read previous attempt papers and practice some model papers to time yourself. Even during exams don’t spend too much time on a single question or else you compromise on other questions.
  • After you come back from any exam don’t think about your performance in that subject; focus on the next paper.

" Lastly, just stay confident that you have studied everything and don’t let negative vibes get to you. "

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