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Join CA INTER after CA Foundation | KonceptCA
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Join CA INTER after CA Foundation | KonceptCA

Join CA INTER after CA Foundation | KonceptCA

  • 16-December-2019
  • CA-Inter
  • By Team Koncept

Table of Content

  1. What to do after CA Foundation Exam? VACATION?
  2. What is CA INTERMEDIATE Exam?
  3. What KonceptCA offers for CA INTER Students?
  4. SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE for CA Foundation Students
  5. Why KonceptCA is the most preferred destination for CA INTERMEDIATE preparation?

What to do after CA Foundation Exam? VACATION?

Wassup!! CA Foundation students!

We know you have worked hard and given your CA Foundation Exams.

Now you have almost more than a month FREE TIME with you. You should be very chill & relax. After all you have prepared hard for all this time for the 1st Step of your CA Course.

But, wait!

How about mixing this chilling with a little preparation for the next step CA Intermediate.

You must be thinking its too early to think about it at this time. But you should! Because, honestly in CA time is real less. [You have already observed it!]

So, coming to the Next Step – CA INTERMEDIATE.


CA Inter is a subjective exam which is the 2nd level of Exam for students pursuing Chartered Accountancy Courses.

The CA Inter Exam is for 800 marks and is divided into 2 groups. Each group has 4 subjects making in all 8 subjects. Each subject exam is conducted on separate days usually with a gap of one day in each exam.

A candidate aiming for the CA Inter Exam has an option to appear the exam group wise. If he wishes, he can appear for both the groups of CA Inter together or each group separately in different examinations. However, if a candidate is aiming for a rank (WHICH YOU SHOULD) in the CA Inter Exam, he should appear for both the groups together and not separately.

Minimum Marks to Qualify the CA INTER Exam

Students need to get a minimum of 40% marks in each subject and a minimum of 50 %marks in average in the complete one group of the CA Intermediate Exam.

As such both the conditions should be satisfied for you to succeed the CA Intermediate Exam, 40% in every individual subject and 50% overall level.

Please note that the overall 50% criteria is group wise. It is not for both the groups combined. In each group, the candidate should be able to score at least 50% marks overall and 40% marks in individual subject.

CA Intermediate Exam Dates

CA Intermediate Exam is held twice a year in the month of May and November. The CA Intermediate Exam is the 2nd level of exam of students pursuing the Chartered Accountancy Course (CA). Often abridged as CA Inter, the students can appear for the CA Inter Exam after clearing the CPT Exam or the CA Foundation Exam (which is the entrance exam for CA Students).

CA INTER Course/ Syllabus & Subjects -

CA Intermediate Exam is divided in following 2 groups and respective subjects –

Group I -

Group II -

What KonceptCA offers for CA INTER Students?

As you must have already experienced in CA Foundation,

We just don’t teach CA Intermediate.

We provide a GREAT Learning Experience by challenging your logics, exploring the unexplored and NOT doing the most popular – THE ROTE LEARNING!

You are no more a School Student where cramming was the ultimate goal/ result. You are entering into a Profession where cramming is the last resort.

You need to fully understand the subjects, find the logics, challenge them, research on case studies, understand – WHY ARE WE EVEN STUDYING THESE SUBJECTS?

Once, you become a professional, almost daily you will come across a new section, law, provision, case & there your cramming wont work. What would work is that whether, you can handle it independently by analyzing every case logically.

And that is what we aim at Koncept –

Help you with the right analysis (as well as wrong ones at times, so that you don’t make that mistake in future) & building logics. Making you independent. And not dependent on someone who can help you to cram things.

At KonceptCA, we provide you a one stop coaching solution for all your CA INTERMEDIATE Requirements keeping in mind the above mentioned goals –

video lecture Koncept Education

CA Inter Study Video

practice MCQs

CA Inter Practice Questions

Doubt Solve Facility at Koncept Education

CA Inter Doubt Solving

Mock Test Series at Koncept Education

CA Inter Mock Tests

CA Intermediate Study Videos

A students willing to study with us, can study either on Desktop or Mobile Application –

We provide web application as well as a mobile application for student study convenient. So, check out our ca intermediate online application as per your convenient:

Download Our CA Intermediate Mobile Application Now
Student can visit Our CA Intermediate Web Application Now

CA Intermediate Special Discount

For all CA Foundation students, we have a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE.

With this discount code,
The Price for BOTH GROUPS of CA INTERMEDIATE will be -

Rs. 18,000 + 18% GST = Rs. 21,240

Once you pay for Both the groups, your account will be valid for 1 year with unlimited views. Watch any time, any number of times.

This SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE is available only till 5 days from the CA Foundation Exam Result.

Click here to get your CODE

You can use this discount code whenever you plan to enroll with us for the CA Intermediate Classes till 5 days from the CA Foundation Exam Result.

So, till the time , your results come you can –


Why KonceptCA is the most preferred destination for CA INTERMEDIATE preparation?

Hear from the students themselves –

Read Our Students Success Stories

Lets see each aspect of our CA INTERMEDIATE Coaching in detail -

CA INTER Study Videos
Konceptca provides Complete Study Videos for ALL subjects of INTERMEDIATE Our study videos are not just any video lectures.

They are -

  • Short, Crisp & To the Point
  • Meaningfully segregated TopicWise
  • Have doubt while learning ? Comment it, we reply to your doubts super fast
  • Summarised at the end of each topic
  • Watch them, anyTIME, anyWHERE & most importantly anyNUMBER OF TIMES
  • Actually more as your friend than a teacher
  • Passionate & Enthusiastic voice
  • TIME is what matters the most and thus videos are made in a manner that you waste less time with technology and gain more Conceptually.


  1. Practical sums with solution in case of Practical subject like Taxation and Accounts. In case of theory subject like Law and Audit, question and answer as per the ICAI pattern.
  2. ICAI has introduced the MCQ pattern in 4 subject at the CA INTERMEDIATE Level. At KonceptCA's Question Library, you will find -
    • 1200+ MCQs in Corporate Law & Other Laws
    • 1300+ MCQs in Taxation
    • 1000+ MCQs in Enterprise Information System & Strategic Management
    • 1200+ MCQs in Auditing & Assurance
  3. Pinpointed Topic Wise Practice
  4. No Reference Book Required
  5. Quickly Revise all Chapters
  6. Mark Important MCQ's

    If you have a doubt while watching the study videos, just write a video comment below the study video. The respective expert faculty will reply you on your comment/ doubts.
  2. EMAIL
    If you have doubts while practicing your subjects, feel free to mail us the same. The respective expert faculty will reply you on your doubts.
    YES! The most amazing platform to not just get your doubts solved but also have a live interaction with our expert faculties. You can book a video call session with our faculties not just for the doubts but even if you wish to get a personalized study plan, or get some motivation, or tips on how to write exam paper, how to score a rank, etc, etc.

Besides CA INTER Video Lectures & Notes, we also conduct timely Tests for all chapters & subjects of CA INTER.

  1. Any CA Study is incomplete without sufficient tests and timely review & analysis of the same. Thus, we focus on numerous tests at timely intervals. This makes student more exam ready.
  2. Such kind of Study & Test Schedule of CA INTER Syllabus helps students to know how to cover each & every topic and in what time?
  3. Such schedule is informed in advance to the students so that he can plan his CA INTER studies accordingly.
  4. Also, a separate TEST Schedule is made for candidates aspiring for only Group 1, only Group 2 and Both Groups of CA INTERMEDIATE.
  5. The CA INTER Tests are conducted based on ICAI Exam Pattern.

So, Hop on and enjoy the journey of CA Intermediate with Koncept Education!

Koncept Education

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