COUNTDOWN Begins for CA CPT EXAM ON 17-12-2017

Few days to go for the CA CPT EXAM!

All excited?
All nervous?
Yeah :P
All screwed up!
Cant express ☺

Leave all those baggage of emotions outside your classroom. Once you enter the exam hall, SMILE!
Yes, please do smile. Be proud & glad that yes, I have made it to the examination. This is it!
This is the moment for which I had spent months of working hard (for some – DAYS of working hard, LOL and for some – HOURS of working hard :P) & I cant screw it all with my anxiety & nervousness. I am going to be very calm & focused.

  • I am not going to be fragile seeing my fellows ticking the answers at a rocket’s speed.
  • I am not going to loose my temper when I am not able to find out right answer of 3 questions in a row.
  • I am not going to take my books till the exam classroom.
  • I am not going to ring my friend & ask him how much course has he finished, how many tests has he taken, how many MTPs or Previous Years Papers has he solved.
  • I am not going to skip my meals! The most important. Happy stomach, Happy Brain, Happy me, Happy Pre Exam & Happy Post Exam.
  • I am for sure not going to skip my sleep so that I can study all night. (BAD IDEA). As I need to Party all night after the exam is over.
  • I am not going to CRY & make everyone around me panic that my course is not finished, I don’t know anything. OH PLEASE! I am much above to all this.

Well, besides these don’ts, I am all set to do few things in last days of my preparation –

  1. I am going to take tests, tests and tests with Koncept CPT Study Account.
  2. Chapter wise, subject wise, paper wise tests. Back to Back tests.
  3. These tests give me the real feel of exam before exam.
  4. I aim to improve my score with every test.
  5. I am going to solve lots & lots of sums in this peak hour.
  6. I will keep the habit of solving sums till the exam date.
  7. Even if few chapters are not completed, I will not dwell on it, I will finish my remaining syllabus very nicely.


So, I know that I am going to be AMAZING!
And I have to keep myself Awesome henceforth.




By Ruchika Saboo
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From being 1st in my state in CPT, 43rd in ALL INDIA in CA PCC and finally 7th in ALL INDIA in CA FINALS, I'm sharing all the valuable secrets of achieving the most coveted title - CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT

- Ruchika Saboo

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