Crack CPT in LEO's style - CPT Story - PART 1

Hello brave fighter😊

Here is PART 1 of a very short and crisp story of LEO who was preparing for CPT with & what follows next -

Once there was a boy called LEO preparing for CPT with his various books and notebooks.
So, he used to tick the answers on the book itself like many other students do.

It's only a week left to the exam,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Time is less (which is always the case with everyone). LOL

Leo thinks that it's better to revise only those questions which he answered incorrectly rather than going through the entire chapters, topics.

He opens his book.

What does he see that though he wants to revise only those questions that he answered incorrectly, actually, he has to go through the entire chapter and questions only to trace out those particular set of questions.

Further, he had marked some important questions for revision purpose, tracing the same also occupies his lot of time.

Leo feels, it's better to actually revise the entire thing rather than wasting this time in filtering.

But you know, this will only cost a lot of time which any which ways is less.


Through this feature,
  1. All the questions that you answered incorrectly get stored in a separate file.
  2. Also, you can mark a question that you feel is important for those last minute revisions.
  3. You can now view only these questions without going through each & every question.
  4. Isn't this cool and most importantly time saving.

You know, our website does not only provide you comprehensive study content, videos, practice but these add on features make it so lovable & user friendly that students enjoy studying with us which being our motto - helping students in each & every way and for that we will keep on improvising ourselves  😊

Watch this video to find out how cool this mark feature work 😊

Cheers to learning!!!

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