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ICAI EXAM motivation | CA CPT | Koncept Education Blogs

ICAI EXAM motivation | CA CPT | Koncept Education Blogs

ICAI EXAM motivation | CA CPT | Koncept Education Blogs

  • 18-June-2017
  • CA-CPT
  • By Ruchika

Yes, these are my words, these ought to be yours too,
I will win!!

You know something, you have come across a long way and just few hours left to one of your small goal towards your BIG AIM - Being a Professional, being a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT.

On 18-06-2017, you will be taking your CPT Exam. Few of you would be giving the exam for the first time & few want to improve themselves & be better & better and so would be giving again.

Nevertheless, all of you are simply AWESOME as you are preparing for CA.

There would be continuous dilemmas at this time -

    • What to study
    • Have I completed the full course
    • Can I leave Consignment or some probability or some xyz topic
    • But they would be asking questions from those topics, then what should I do?
    • Oh God! Only 1 day is left
    • I still have 5 chapters to complete
    • I will not sleep till the time exam gets over


And there would be even more plethora of such thoughts.

But hang on!

You are not supposed to do any these stuff, okay?
You are part of TeamKoncept

Be extremely happy, calm & patient at this time that finally the day has arrived when all your hard work & determination will be paid off.

Even if some course if left, some chapters not practiced, its okay, its absolutely okay.

Just revise well whatever you have studied so far. Don't worry with the fact that your friend has finished 3-4 references and you have not been able to complete even the module. 

If you have done an HONEST PREPARATION, everything will be on your side, you will win, I WILL WIN.

And common, don't have that sleep enemy okay!

Having a sound sleep is even more, infact the most important part of your exam preparation. If you have a decent sleep of 7-8 hours a day before exam, you will be write your paper very well. Bcoz in that case, your mind is at peace. If you keep putting things in it continuously, when will it save in its memory & relax?

A relaxed mind & body is must before writing your exam.

So, please have a sleep of 7-8 hours day before exam.
Even if it comes at the cost of 2 or 3 chapters. Can be ignored.

Also, please do not skip your meals. Your mind needs proper energy to process all the sections, rules, formulae, micro economics, consignment & all those loaded chapters.

So, please eat well!

And one more major thing, please keep your books away at least 2 hours before your exam. Relax captain. No point in taking the book till last minute to the exam centre. Whatever preparation you needed you have done. Now, give your mind a cool break!

So, please don't get nervous, depressed, frustrated.

You will be awesome on 18-06-2017.

Just be very positive & keep your hope HIGH!

You will win.


Cheers to learning!!!