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Make Your Own Luck. Never Give UP!!!
Never Give Up. Believe in your self.

Make Your Own Luck. Never Give UP!!!

Make Your Own Luck. Never Give UP!!!

  • 13-July-2016
  • CA-CPT
  • By Ruchika

Well, starting with formal pleasantries, hope you are doing great.
And if not, then make it great !!!

So, from this very auspicious day (note my friends, every day is auspicious if we think so), we (you and konceptca.com)are starting a small journey of a big road towards your aim.

So what is your aim?
Is it just to clear Chartered Accountancy Examination?

Not really,
Your ultimate aim should be to become a Chartered Accountant, to become a Professional. 

You would be having a laugh as to
what is the difference between clearing the exam or 
to become a CA (As most of us call in so called abbreviated form).
Ultimately, you will become a CA when you clear the exam.

But I feel there is a difference between the 2. And the difference is in your approach.

In the former, you have a small goal - just to clear the exam, be it then by getting just the passing marks or limited studies or studying only important topics (WELL, YOU NEVER KNOW WHICH TOPIC IS IMPORTANT IN THE CA EXAMINATION)
In the latter, you have an AIM- to achieve the most coveted title of CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT.


This means that you aim beyond the examinations and seek to be a Professional who is equipped with all the requisite tools & skill set to flourish himself/ herself in the various avenues of career and life.

In ACHIEVEING YOUR AIM, you need attain to your goal of clearing the examination.

And thus, if you seek to be a professional, its imperative that you STUDY ACCORDINGLY.

DONT GET SCARED, that doesn't mean that you need to study with your suits, crisp shirts, trousers :P

It just means that you need to put in your hard work, keep patience and strategise.

Besides me, whoever is associated with konceptca.com believes in these 3 ideologies. Our entire team at konceptca.com makes sure that the student is nurtured with these 3 habits from the very beginning of journey of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

Many, people will tell you that becoming a CA is a sheer luck.

Trust me, luck works only for those who are ready to put in their consistent perseverance and endurance.

And so the 1st key is - HARD WORK

2nd Key is - PATIENCE,
 You might not understand things in 1st go but keep patience, everything will click you very soon, Just keep Patience and don't let your enthusiasm of achieving your go down.

And finally, 3rd Key is - STRATEGISE

Generally, what is the tendency of the students? If they like a chapter or say a subject - for eg - accounts, they keep on solving the same time and again and cherish the fact that they have solved so many reference books or questions, etc. However, when real exam comes, they do very well in the FAVORITE subject and flunk in others.

So, the right strategy is that LOVE ALL YOUR SUBJECTS AND CHAPTERS. Any discrimination among any subject/ chapter will put you a block in your journey. :P

Its never the quantum of questions you solve or hours of study you put in. Its always the quality of questions & study hours that make you reach your goal.


You will be soon starting your exam preparations.

I will suggest you to make a plan from now onwards only as to how will you complete your studies, do ample practice and take ample tests.

I hope you enjoyed reading. There is more to go in building your success story.



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