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Life as a C.A. Student | konceptca.com
Life style of CA Student

Life as a C.A. Student | konceptca.com

Life as a C.A. Student | konceptca.com

  • 07-April-2016
  • CA-CPT
  • By Ruchika

The most difficult part here is definitely clearing the exams. It gets really frustrating for them to sit in exams for the same subjects over and over again and it gets even more painful when the reason of not clearing the exams is lack of total even when you have cleared all the subjects. Managing studies with articleship is no child’s play. It also gets annoying when ignorant people ask you from where you are doing CA because they expect you to go to college. Every time your parents see you stumble, they feel bad. There is a lot of pressure to clear the exams. It gets worse when your friends have cleared while you are still struggling. 

Lot of exposure is gained in the process of becoming a Chartered Accountant. Exposure to a vast variety of course content: Ranging from Finance to taxation to Corporate Laws to Information Technology, this course is sure to make you a jack of all and a master of the one you choose to be. As long as you are a student you are bound to receive lots of experience. Also the course provides a great deal of information by the process of Orientation programmes , GMCS, Training of excel and tally. The national conventions and seminars held time to time are great ways to gear your communication skills, meet new students from all over India, expand your network and most importantly a platform to enjoy. The process of article-ship is the biggest learning experience in life of any CA student. Its not just about communication skills and practical knowledge, the student also learns great deal about client base and management. If you get the opportunity to work for big4 or a MNC, presentation skills and exposure increases by a great deal.It moulds you into a hardworking and never to give up atittude person. You learn the power of dedicated effort-Dedicated, systematic, continuous, smart efforts are your only options.You will get to see huge industries at a very less age when your other peer will have no idea about how things actually run in industry

As A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT You will now have an image to build in the market and in case you have built it already you will have to strive to maintain and upgrade the same. You will need to constantly upgrade your knowledge base and skills. as A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT You might have got your degree but there is no limit to learning especially in this ever changing regulatory environment. Every time a budget will come , rules and regulations are bound to change and you will find yourself learning all over again. There will be workload and long hours . You might miss family functions sometime. September and March will be hell.

Life will be rewarding you with respect. AS A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT Your value in society will definitely rise and if you are good at your work, life will also turn out to be luxurious and the course itself will give you the edge over other professionals immediately. You will have a strong profile and even better foundation when compared to students who are mere graduates.A chartered accountant is one of the most sought after professional in the finance industry. There is a great dearth of young accounting professionals in the financial domain. It would provide you with leverage as the qualification of a chartered accountant is the highest and the toughest qualifications to have.Being a globally recognized qualification, a chartered professional is the perfectly suited qualification on a global scale.

It seems as though life of a student as well as A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT both have their pros and cons, still all the students want to become A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT ASAP and all qualified A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT miss their student life the most 

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