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one month to go for CA CPT exam on 17-06-2018
1 month to go for CA CPT exam on 17-06-2018 | Koncept Education

one month to go for CA CPT exam on 17-06-2018

one month to go for CA CPT exam on 17-06-2018

  • 17-May-2018
  • CA-CPT
  • By Ruchika

Exactly 1 month from now, you will be writing your CPT Exam on 17-06-2018, Sunday.

Sundays which were meant to be usually relaxed will not be the same on that particular day. As you will be facing one of the most important milestone which will shape your future!

Phew,, Time flies like anything,(I am sure you will correlate with this so much – “Abhi toh I started my preparations & look how fast the time has gone!!”)

Well, no time is sufficient for anyone’s preparations.

I have been interacting with lot of students & would like to share some interesting & fun conversations I came across –

  • How many hours should I study?
  • How many hours can I do watsapp & Facebook? (Yes, few students did ask this)
  • Can I leave some topics which are not important? (Do you really know which topic is important & which isn’t? )
  • Does the Institute give some grace marks if overall result is low (I have no idea about this)
  • I am giving this only for time pass (Please value your time or pass on to me!)
  • I am giving this just for a try, I know that I am not going to pass this time. I will crack Dec 2018 CPT Exam (Congratulations! You have already made your result, you have reduced ICAI’s burden).


I don’t know whys such weird thoughts come also?

It is all in your mind that you can control such thoughts and just focus on one thing.

That one thing is – YOUR DECISION – Your Decision to become a Chartered Accountant (CA). To be a part of the most trusted & respected profession. If this Decision of yours is firm, then all your thoughts would move in the direction of achieving that & nothing else.

You will not make any excuses as to leaving any topic or grace marks or anything. You will just make sure that you don’t keep any stone unturned in achieving your goal.

Even if you have started late, woke up now & are completely blank as to what to do in this last one month, No ISSUES. Just hold yourself high, take a deep breath & do the following –

  • Get a grip of the complete course, subjects, chapters
  • Find out the ones that you are comfortable with & not
  • Separate them
  • Focus initially on the ones that you are strong at
  • Finish them first
  • And, then give more time for chapters that you aren’t very strong
  • Make a time table & stick to it
  • If you have to complete Accounts in 7 days, you have to even if it demands more study hours to put it
  • Don’t keep a small target that I just want to pass.
  • Think big
  • Think for 170+ Score
  • You will realize your efforts will move accordingly in that direction
  • Focus on solving at least 300 MCQs daily
  • Practice makes a student perfect is very apt for CA CPT Exam. Trust me. They ask you questions in the exam & not any paragraph to write. As such keep solving sums & sums.
  • Take tests. All the tests scheduled on Koncept Education are time bound.
  • This gives you a feel of real exam


When I gave the CPT Exam, even I had 1 month. During that time, the CPT was held in May 2007 immediately after my 12th Board exams in March 2007.

But, I was very clear that this one month will change my complete life henceforth. If I would have taken it lightly, I might have cleared the exam with some average marks & the same set of thoughts would have continued throughout my CA. But my gut of understanding things in detail, in depth, thoroughly has made me able to achieve a far better clarity of things of concepts.

If I would have taken my studies lightly, then our Team & I here at Koncept would also not have been able to deliver you CPT the way we do it right now. It is those basic roots which carve the foundation of any profession, activity you pursue.

So, make sure your foundations are strong.

Having said that, Hey, brave little fighter, fight out all the odds & just remember, that you have to come out with a smiling face from the examination hall on 17-06-2018. And this is a victory smiling face (No Sarcasm here).

Gear up!
Vroom Vroom

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