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  • 12-September-2016
  • CA-CPT
  • By TeamKoncept

Hope you have been doing very great and studying ardently! I hope I am not mistaken at this point. 
Since, not much time is left in your examination. And before the exam, there are lots of festivals to be celebrated - Navratra, Dusshera, Diwali, etc. 

Through Diwali I remember my CA days when some of peers used to have a November attempt of CA Exam and they used to say that we don't want to spoil our Holi and thats why we are keeping this Diwali low and mild. Lol... (Hope you got the sarcasm here

At times, it is all about choices,, 

Choice between completing one big chapter on the auspicious day of Diwali or enjoying the festivities. And its not just one day but many other days when we are in a situation of dilemma........

What I personally feel is that studying and working towards your aim is as important as cherishing these moments of joy and happiness with your loved ones.

So, I give you a simple trick for this - MAKE A SCHEDULE 

Not just your study schedule but also your personal schedule. Make that schedule from Day 1 of your exam preparation and try to bring in all such personal events (if feasible) and find out how much time will it occupy of yours. Make a strict study schedule for yourself and try to compensate for the fun time by increasing your study hours on other days and make sure you do that come what may.

Only studying is not correct neither only enjoying is good........

If you only study study and study, that is also wrong as your brain needs some break and refreshment to make it work even better. So, study and have fun, do both....

When you are studying, make sure you do it full concentration.

Many of us have the habit of day dreaming especially when studying. They say naa that we are physically present but mentally absent.

If you are studying then focus 100% on that only. At that time, don't think about the party that you are soon going to attend.

Reverse is also true. I don't know about you, but few people have this tendency of cribbing and feeling guilty when not studying and having some sort of fun. There is no point of feeling guilty when you have yourself taken that choice. And if choice is a calculated choice considering your time availability and study priorities, than there is absolute no point in feeling that guilt. Instead, you waste more time in first feeling that guilt, wasting that time of party and when you finally start studying, you think about that party again that OMG how much time you wasted.

So, stop wasting any of your time further, just make sure that when you are studying you are doing that only and when you are having fun, you are doing that only.

SO, WORK HARD AND PLAY HARDER and make a SCHEDULE FOR YOURSELF. You can see how to make a schedule by watching 

And try this study scheduler feature with your account on cpt.konceptca.com

Its not about long study hours but effective study hours that you put in. Even if you are studying for 6 hours a day, its okay if you are able to make the most of it.

And keep a smooth balance between your studies and enjoyment. In fact, try to make your studies fun. How to do that?

For that keep on reading my blogs. You will be updated soon,,,,

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