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Study Habits of Board Rankers | Koncept Education
Make your study as habit

Study Habits of Board Rankers | Koncept Education

Study Habits of Board Rankers | Koncept Education

  • 15-April-2016
  • CA-CPT
  • By Ruchika

Successful students have good study habits. They apply these habits to all oftheir classes and assignments:

  1. Try not to do too much studying at onetime

If you try to do too much studying at one time, you will tire and yourstudying will not be very effective. Space the work you have to do overshorter periods of time. Taking short breaks will restore your mentalenergy.

  1. Plan specific times for studying

Study time is any time you are doing something related to yourcourse work. It can be completing assigned reading, working on apaper or project, or studying for a test. Schedule specific timesthroughout the week for your study time.

  1. Try to study at the same time each day

Studying at the same time each day establishes a routine that becomes aregular part of your life, just like sleeping and eating. When a scheduled study time comes up during the day, you will be mentally prepared tobegin studying.

  1. Set specific goals for study times

Goals will help you stay focused and monitor your progress. Simplysitting down to study has little value. You must be very clear aboutwhat you want to accomplish during your study times.

  1. Start studying when planned

You may delay starting your studying because you don’t like anassignment or think it is too hard. A delay in studying is called“procrastination.” If you procrastinate for any reason, you will findit difficult to get everything done when you need to. You may rush tomake up the time you wasted getting started, resulting in carelesswork and errors.

  1. Work on the assignment you find most difficult first

Your most difficult assignment will require the most effort. Start withyour most difficult assignment since this Is when you have the mostmental energy.

  1. Review you notes before beginning an assignment

Reviewing your notes can help you make sure you are doing anassignment correctly. Also,  your notes may include information thatwill help you complete an assignment.

  1. Tell friends not to  call during  study times

Two study problems can occur if your friends call you during your studytimes. First, your work is interrupted. It is not that easy to get back towhat you were doing. Second, your friend’s  may talk about things thatwill distract you from what you need to do. Here’s a simple idea - turn offyour cellphone during your study times.

  1. Review over the weekend

Yes, weekend should be fun  time.  But  there  is  also  time  to  do  some review  including  consultation with a friend. This wills help you to goon.

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