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The best online CA classes | Koncept Education
The best online CA classes which provide study video and much more...

The best online CA classes | Koncept Education

The best online CA classes | Koncept Education

  • 19-June-2018
  • CA-CPT
  • By Teamkoncept

Well after making CA CPT free for every student konceptca just launched its CA Intermediate (new syllabus of CA IPCC) online classes at the most affordable pricing of INDIA for both groups (All Subjects)Konceptca is right now INDIA’s leading online CA educational institute. In a country where students felt CA Coaching could only be possible at CA coaching centres, Koncept Students proudly say that they just need the Konceptca App or Konceptca Website and no one needs to attend any CA coaching centres. Why are they Unique

  • Advantage 1: Teaser Videos - Just before the start of every chapter they have a short teaser video, these teaser videos are just amazing and help you get a glimpse of the complete chapter in the most interesting manner and that too in less than 2 mins. They are funny as hell but still give you the full idea about the main theme of the chapter… Sounds too good to be true?? Let me give you an example and let you be the judge
      1. CA Intermediate Subject Advanced Accounting: Chapter Valuation of Goodwill: Issue Most students are never able to understand comprehensively what goodwill is? (Not their fault at all… they just never had a teacher who went out of the way to explain them). Solution just watch this teaser video!
  • Advantage 2: Most conceptual lectures in the shortest possible time - this is something the every students just loves about them, as soon as you start any lecture you will see they don't waste any time in dialogues like, “ Kaise ho baccho, Ajj hum karne walle hai, App log CA ki accounts ka chapter so and so padhenge “. Their videos are so fresh and refreshing and more like a friend is teaching you rather than a SIR… don't believe me check out their Material Costing Introduction Video

More such videos as Youtube Channel Koncept Education. Needless to say Subscribe and Press the Bell Icon for all CA Updates !

  • Advantage 3: Provide Topic Wise practice PDF Questions where you learn to apply your concepts and these are not just any random question notes, they are very carefully planned and sequenced for you to master the learned concept
  • Advantage 4: They just recently added a feature called as “video call sessions with the faculty” where you can 1–1 discuss all your doubts with the faculty!!
  • Advantage 5: There is just One way to secure great marks, TEST TEST AND MORE TEST. Test are conducted every Sunday and as a student you just have to mail them your answer sheet, konceptca throughly checks it and sends you back your checked paper by ever Wednesday. Also near the exams they conduct SUPER REVISION TEST !

Who would want to miss these 5 Advantages for their CA Preparations? (Some Dumb One, BUT Not you - Correct !!)

Just make a Free trail account with them and you will never look for any other CA Online Coaching Classes.

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Konceptca - India's one stop online exam trainer. We provide the most trusted platform where students can prepare for the competitive examinations. Transforming the brick and mortar tutorial rooms into a complete new-age digital classroom is what we aim at. We support our students by providing course videos, practice materials and also arrange mock tests for them. Our strength is to combine education and technology. Currently we are focusing on CA CPT, CA INTERMEDIATE and very soon we will be providing CA FINAL, CS, CIMA, CPA, and CFA online tutorials.

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