Deemed Accrue and Received vs Remittance: Handwritten notesChapter: Deemed Accrue and Received vs Remittance | Subject: Taxation | Notes: By Anish Jaywant

Deemed Accrue and Received vs Remittance

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Recently Anish Jaywant, a CA INTERMEDIATE student of Koncept Education, sent us handwritten notes on the chapter 'Deemed Accrue and Received vs Remittance’ of subject ‘Taxation’. We went through his notes and were surprised to see that the notes were extremely good. Very informative, to the point and covering the whole chapter. We appreciate his efforts and hard work.

At Koncept Education, We aim to build a student’s intellect and creativity by providing informative as well as entertaining lectures. We are glad that all the students love our way of teaching and are very comfortable with the lectures, notes, test series, etc.

We have kept our promise of giving the best quality education and help you develop in all aspects.

It gives us immense joy and pride when any of our student shares his/her hard work. Likewise Anish Jaywant, if any of you feel like sharing anything useful, informative and most importantly – COMING OUT OF YOUR CREATIVITY – PLEASE SHARE!!

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If found good enough, We will share it with students!

Meanwhile, Following are the notes made by Anish Jaywant

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