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CA Test Series by konceptca.com (step by step guide)Increase your chances of clearing CA exams by writing our detailed CA inter test series.

CA Test Series by konceptca.com (step by step guide)

How does Konceptca.com CA test series work? And how can you enroll in this comprehensive and detailed free CA test series....but first why is it important for students to write ca question papers and ca exam test series?

Did you know... 73% of CA students who failed in their CA Inter exams said the main reason for their failure was because they never attempted CA Test series before the real ca exams.

We have heard these a countless times, "Ohh... this time ICAI designed a very lengthy accounts paper" or "Most questions in the company law paper, were asked in case study format, I am not sure how to present the answers for case study" or "as soon as the ca exam started I got blank" or "Do I have to write notes or working notes at the end of every tax sum with section number?" and the list goes on....... All these scenarios happen due to lack of paper practice and lack of giving tests with proper evaluation.

To counter this and make all CA Students practice perfect, www.konceptca.com has launched the most detailed and comprehensive CA test series which will help you in 3 ways:

  1. Concept Clarity - After answering these tests, you will come to know - Do you really have in-depth knowledge of the CA Syllabus?
  2. Presentation Skills - Presentation of every answer in your ca inter question paper is a key element in scoring good marks in your exams. Accounts, Law, Tax, all subjects have their own unique requirement of presentation which only comes when you practice it again and again and again.... Our expert checkers also prompt you on what could help you present your answers better.
  3. Time management - Afterall exams are for 3 Hours and we need to FINISH our CA exam papers on time. Just knowing the concept is not enough. You need to write everything you have studied in order to get good marks. You don't get marks for things you could not write in CA exams.

So coming back to how does Konceptca.com CA test series work? And how you can take benefit of this comprehensive and detailed CA test series.

CA Inter Test Series (step by step guide)

ca test series
  1. Download CA Question paper :- for each of the CA Inter subjects we have made complete 100 marks practice papers and also small tests which cover 3 to 4 chapters, we have also rated these CA tests on difficulty based on past CA students score. You can see the list of all the tests we have developed for all the subjects of ca inter by scrolling below. Select a test you would like to attempt and click on the download button next to it. Also you can request us to provide you with a test in which chapters of your own choice can be added by clicking the make my own test button, this custom test will also become available to other CA students attempting our CA test series.
  2. Your selected CA test series question paper will be received by you on your email
  3. Send us your answer sheets by way of reply to the same mail through which we have sent you the question paper (Make sure pictures are sharp, also make sure that you send single email for the whole paper after converting them into PDF for instructions how to make PDF watch https://youtu.be/q2hzXylYe0o )
  4. We will evaluate your answer sheets and send your final score to you by mail with instructions on how you can further improve and be ready for CA exams.

And that's it.... That's how easy it is for you to enroll and take any test from our question papers of CA test series ... also BTW this CA test series is completely FREE for you to attempt*

Konceptca.com CA Test Series reviews from CA Inter All India Rankers

"As far as possible, try giving the tests especially for the practical subjects." - Samriddhi Goel, AIR 43

"Test papers helped a lot for getting practice and they were corrected and sent on time." - Uttkarsh Singhania, AIR 5

"Thank you for conducting a test series which helped me a lot and cleared all my doubts." - Anurag Gupta, AIR 5

Konceptca.com CA Test Series reviews students who failed earlier but then cleared CA Inter exams said:

"The worst mistake I was doing that I didn't take any test. The multiple revision and tests saved me this time." - Sourabh Soni

"Don't miss out on practice and tests. VERY IMPORTANT" - Simran Kadakia

You can see through these comments that tests are crucial for clearing ICAI CA Inter exams.

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