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A: Konceptca.com is an online exam trainer. We provide complete support to our students by providing course videos. practice material & tests. Our goal is that students get the power to develop logics. Our strength is to combine education and technology. Currently we are focusing on CA CPT, CA Foundation, CP Intermediate very soon we will also provide CA FINAL, CS, CIMA, CPA, CFA...

A: We at konceptca.com believe that one need to explore the field of his choice on its own so as to get clarity of the same. IT is good that you want to do self-study. However, it is well known that self-study on one's own is always very difficult and when any other convenient option is not available, student studies on his own. However, our coaching will make your task of Self-study very easy. As we have explained subjects very lucidly and gave practical examples, case studies and step-by-step method of solving problems. After all it is said Guru Bina Gyan Nahi. In addition, we also provide you academic support to solve your doubts either on discussion board or by having personalized doubt solving session with our faculty.

A: It is very good to know that you are highly motivated to complete the CA on your own. But as you might be aware that as this is a professional program there is a lot of emphasis on practical problems, case studies and topics which need industry exposure. If you study only from books, you may be deprived of some of the vital knowledge which our expert faculties shares as a practicing CA, their tips, their suggestions for exams preparations and which is very critical for success in the exams. Our faculties are experts from the industry and careful attention has been paid to include all of the above while delivering the lectures so that all your doubts are resolved. The faculty share their knowledge and experience from the industry and give you exposure to scenarios which is surely to be useful not only for passing exams but when you become practicing CA yourself. We are sure that the combination of your hard work and expert guidance from our faculty's commitment and the faculty exposure will go a long way to help you clear the CA exam.


  • You have to attend lectures in classes only at fixed time. Whereas online coaching can be taken at your convenience.
  • Generally in classroom coaching, Lessons /topics are covered only once which may not be suitable for a student. This is not so in Online Coaching as the same can be revisited 'n' number of times. In Online coaching you can do so anytime, anywhere and as many times.
  • Since there are a large number of students, and physical coaching is targeted to all (irrespective of their level of understanding) a student may not understand and has no way of going back and forth. Once you do not understand one topic, you won't understand the subsequent topic which is built upon the previous one as well and hence you may be lost. Besides, you cannot evaluate yourself instantaneously and at fixed duration which may be late in many cases. Whereas eLearning is for you as a student and you can revisit a topic to clear your understanding. Still you are not clear you can raise you doubt via email/discussion board and query to counsellor. You can repeat as many times as necessary so that your concepts are clear.
  • In classroom learning you have to study in chronological manner or at the convenience of administrator/teacher. Whereas in online coaching you are the boss and can study in the order which suits you and at your convenience.
  • Unlike in classroom coaching there is no fear of comparison, you can study without such tension and fear and come out your best which is a big issue with Classroom coaching. We can go on and on regarding benefits of online coaching because is the future of learning and is centred on students like you.
  • You do not have to travel physically to any location to attend the coaching classes.
  • ELearning is available 24X7. So, you can take the classes whenever you want and how any number of times you want. You can do it at 11 pm or 5 am.
  • Have a look at our faculty list. One more thing, if you have doubts then the same is solved in "skype sessions" in which the faculty is available online and takes your queries and also discusses case studies.
  • Hope this would clear your doubt. The world has changed and everything is turning the e-way e.g. e-mailing, e-messaging, e-banking, e-reservations, e-ticketing, e-commerce and so on. ELearning has benefited tens of thousands of students, including ICAI students and you can see their testimonial.
  • With query to counsellor you always from industry experts irrespective of locations. Our experts include professionals having decades of experience in companies and many of them have written/published books.
  • Please note eLearning is not impersonal. You can always get your doubts cleared e.g. through query to counsellor, via email or via skype which is a classroom conducted over the internet with all the features of a physical classroom but with added benefits like never missed classes. In addition, you can clear your doubts via discussion forum wherein you can also see answers to doubts raised by your present fellow students and also past students.
  • We also provide step-by-step method of learning.

A: There are two if not three way ways you can do this. You can attend the Skype sessions where a faculty is live clearing doubts over the internet and you can also attend from your home, office, etc...And solve your doubts. Also, you can post your doubts in discussion forum which is answered by the faculty. In addition, you can also see questions raised by other students and see answers. You can raise your doubts via Email and we will make sure it gets clear within 24 hours.


Software Requirements :

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Operating System: Windows 7 or above version, MacOS, Ubuntu etc...


1 mbps Broadband (dedicated)


Chrome, Firefox, Safari




Adobe Flash Player latest version


A good quality Headphone or Speaker


Android Mobile


Android 4.4 ( KITKAT ) or higher version / Screen Sizes 5 inch or more

A: In CA Intermediate, There are 2 groups each group have 4 subjects so, total 8 subjects are exists. Below listing all CA Intermediate Subjects listed on click that subject syllabus in detail you will get so,also check all CA Intermediate subject syllabus:

Group 1

Group 2

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Konceptca - India's one stop online exam trainer. We provide the most trusted platform where students can prepare for the competitive examinations. Transforming the brick and mortar tutorial rooms into a complete new-age digital classroom is what we aim at. We support our students by providing course videos, practice materials and also arrange mock tests for them. Our strength is to combine education and technology. Currently we are focusing on CA CPT, CA INTERMEDIATE and very soon we will be providing CA FINAL, CS, CIMA, CPA, and CFA online tutorials.

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