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Step 1 - Having Doubt while practising Questions

if you have a doubt while practising any question then add such question to doubt kart, by clicking on this button  

Step 2 - Wait till we notify

once we recieve your doubt, our expert faculty makes a video solving your doubt. Once the video is made we send you a notification that we have solved your doubt

Step 3 - Study Doubt Solution Video

Watch the video made by the expert faculty & now 2 things can happen, either your doubt is clear or you still have some confusion

Step 4 - Add Question to Re-Doubt

If you still have any confusion then Add the question to Re-doubt, but this time let us know what your confusion is by adding a comment while adding the question to re-doubt

Step 5 - Study Re-Doubt Solution Video

Watch the video made by expert faculty answering your comment. This would for sure help you clear your confusion is the only Online Study Trainer which is even more personalised than any personal coaching