1 month to go for CPT Exam on 18-12-2016

1 month to go for CPT Exam on 18-12-2016

1 month to go for CPT Exam on 18-12-2016

  • 18-November-2016
  • CA-CPT
  • By Ruchika

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So, its only 1 month to go haan,,
No, not really,,,

You are a brave little fighter to take on this one of the most awaited exam - CPT.

So, your this one month's activities will decide upon a lot of things. We have to make sure that you give the your 100% in this 1 month.

And that's why with this blog I want to emphasize on the most important success factor which is - YOUR HONEST PREPARATION.

Yes, honest.

Honestly, if you do a very honest preparation, your ultimate aim comes towards you closer & closer.

Honest preparation is done when you are not studying bcoz of fear of exams or fear of parents or peer pressure or preparing just the sake for it.

If while studying - you are most happy & satisfied with the fact that I am getting this wonderful opportunity of studying this beautiful course - Chartered Accountancy - then that is called honest preparation.

Don't study for anyone. Study for yourself & enjoy this sheer feeling of enriching yourself with the immense useful knowledge which the CPT Exam study is offering you.

I have a feeling that there is some logic behind this way of multiple choice examination based examination. I don't know whether this logic is right or not but it has worked in my favour in past & thus would like to share with you.

And the logic is preparing you for the real professional word whereby you would be facing lot of choices & you would have to make decision very quickly in short span of time whereby you might not be able to do detailed calculations. Some intelligent guess work would be also required at times. To imbibe all this in you, such kind of examination is conducted. It makes you so much logically sound. And isn't that a proud feeling? Yes it is.

Moreover, whenever you practice sums which I have been emphasizing a lot of times, try to judge each option. Find out why other options are incorrect? Once, you develop this kind of lateral thinking, your life would be much easier both on professional as well as personal front.

Don't just look for right answers, correct yourself by knowing why the incorrect answer is also incorrect.

Konceptca.com works along the above parameters & with one big motto - TO HELP THE STUDENTS IN EACH & EVERY WAY and to do that WE WILL KEEP ON IMPROVISING OURSELVES.

We want to serve the students at large by providing the best CPT coaching.

We want everyone to be benefitted by us and that's why we are there for everyone, FOR FREE, FOREEVER!!!

Because, we proudly say that WE PROVIDE THE BEST CPT EDUCATION. 

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