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How to crack CA CPT? | Koncept Education | Blogs

How to crack CA CPT? | Koncept Education | Blogs

How to crack CA CPT? | Koncept Education | Blogs

  • 12-September-2016
  • CA-CPT
  • By Ruchika

So, you might be surprised with the title to this blog!!!

Well, this is in fact an apt approach to clear your exam. We keep on getting guidance as to what ought to be done so as to crack the exam but irony of the fact is that if we DONT DO THE FOLLOWING, we will surely clear the exam -


1. Guess Work - 

Biggest mistake we do across. Its a multiple choice question based examination. So, we feel we just have to select one option and so its not that difficult. But the flip side is that guess has to be based on a sound logic and thus you can follow the following methodology to base your guess work 


Try to remove the options which you feel are apparently incorrect. Few options must be very obviously incorrect looking at the question. And after doing that, you are generally left with 2 close options. Suppose its a Quants question based on say values of unknown variables, then you can simply put the values as given in the options in the question equation and find out which option matches the equation.

It is not mandatory for you to solve the equations. Putting the values in the question and doing reverse working will solve your ample time and chances increase of answering incorrect.

That is the reason at www.konceptca.com, we always emphasize on the reasons for not only the correct answer but also the reasons for the answers which are incorrect as to why they are incorrect.

2. Solving the question completely-
You know its an objective paper and not subjective. So, its not necessary to solve the entire question. In fact few students have the habit of doing very neat calculations with ruler, pen, pencil and what not. All that neat and complete calculations will be done at the later stages of CA course.

Here, since it's an objective examination and mind you that you will not be given that many sheets of paper to do your solutions, find out the quickest way of solution and stop at the moment you feel that you have find out the answer from the options and further steps are just for giving the solution a finishing and no real output will be generated. So, minimise your steps of calculation.

At KonceptCa, we provide various tricks to our students so that their calculations are quick. These tricks are very handy when the time is clocking and we have to solve a very lengthy sum of Quants.

A general tendency across majority students that they solve ample Accounts questions and stay away from Mathematics. But you are familiar with the entire exam pattern and must be aware that each subject has equal weightage and if you do any discrimination between any subject, then there are likely lot of chances of the same discrimination by the Institute with you in terms of result.

So, love all your subjects and give them equal time, and practice each subject with equal dedication and hard work.

It's good that you read the chapter again and again. But the key to success is doing ample practice of what you study. We might have the entire chapter on our tips but it is of no use if we are still not able to solve the questions correctly.

What happens is that when you read, you try to understand, but practice goes one step ahead and it requires your application of understanding the chapter. They say in CA it's not just reading the lines but reading between the lines. What is not written is even more important. And thus when you get questions, it might not be straight from a paragraph and might be some case study based.

We emphasize on doing lots and lots of practice, taking as many tests as possible. Immediate score and review can motivate you to do better in your next try.

5. Procrastinating-
Well this is the habit of students irrespective of which exam they are writing. Dont put things for future. Do away with the tendency that - ABHI TOH BAHUT TIME HAIN. Time is never enough if you seriously want to study. Its all about making a schedule for yourself and making sure that you stick to it. Somewhere, here and there is fine as ultimately we are humans and we don't have equal efficiency and effectiveness on all days. Keeping those lazy and chilling days aside, do things at their right time and stop procrastinating. 
Well these are just few mistakes which generally students make. There might be something very much student specific. If you feel there is any other area which needs to be improved, please let me know at support@konceptca.com, I would love to bring the same to the kind notice of your peers.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Still a lot more to go.

Cheers to learning!!!

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