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ICAI CA Intermediate Topper Nov 2019 | Koncept Education
Koncept Education Student ANURAG GUPTA achieves AIR 5 in ICAI CA INTERMEDIATE NOV 19 EXAM

ICAI CA Intermediate Topper Nov 2019 | Koncept Education

ICAI CA Intermediate Topper Nov 2019 | Koncept Education

  • 10-February-2020
  • CA-Inter
  • By Team Koncept

Nov 19 Exam


Q1: Getting a Rank is a BIG Deal in CA Exam. But a single digit rank is – “Khuda Jaaney yeh kya hua hain?” Is this true or yes you were aware of getting a single digit rank?

A1: Talking about rank, I had in my mind after appearing for exams that I will be shortlisted for top 3 candidates. However got surprised on result date when not called by ICAI president. My brother told me that you will definitely be in top 5 candidates and that so happened.

Q2: Usually, everyone feels that only extra ordinary INTELLIGENT student gets a Rank in CA Exam? Do you agree to this or you feel it’s the hard work & smart work that brings such wonders?

A2: Talking about which students get rank, in my opinion it is all about persons concept clarity with core hard work and dedication. “Knowledge ke liye padhna hain bas.”

Q3: What made you choose CA?

A3: I was not good great student till 10th. Science. I could not understand Science because I had not learnt its basics properly (taught in 5 and 6 class). So commerce was the stream that had only new subjects with full basics. From that moment I learned accountancy of next level.
I topped district in 12 with 97.8 %. After that the director of our school told me to pursue IAS. However I knew that required basics of pre-school education which I had not learnt properly. So I chose ca and decided to pursue IAS in ca subjects in future.

Q4: CA is tough! Is it a cliché or yes it is a truth that you can’t deny?

A4: Yes ca is tough, however with concepts clarity and hard work it can be made easy.

Q5: You had joined Group 1 classes at a physical coaching, what made you join Group 2 for KonceptCA – an Online Classes?

A5: Group 2 has subjects that has more theoretical touch and it is requisite that ICAI modules must be covered and KONECPTCA can't be better than that.

Q6: Describe your study experience at KonceptCA.

A6: I truly appreciate for all you have done in my ca intermediate examination. Central fixture your education is full coverage of ICAI modules and deep understanding of subjects.

What I liked most is that syllabus can be covered in shorter time frame. Particularly I liked the AUDIT classes which helped me in securing AIR5 and ALL INDIA HIGHEST MARKS(93) IN AUDITING IN NOVEMBER 2019 ATTEMPT.UNIQUE FEATURES at KonceptCA -

: Concept clarity with real life examples.

: Shorter duration

: Classic playback speed

: At last but not least n number of views.

Q7: What was your Parents role throughout your CA INTERMEDIATE preparation?

A7: In everyone’s journey parents play a great role and that was with me also. They always motivate me and my mom always told me to do what your heart says.

Q8: Describe those 16 days of exam.

A8: It was tough, never forgettable. In one day you have to revise full syllabus. At every night of exam I came to know from the inner self that my paper is going to be good but doesn't happened in advanced accounts in which I have scored least (75=). So you came to know whether you are pass or fail.

Q9: Any final suggestion you would want to give to students who would be giving their CA INTER Exams?

A9: To do preparation from ICAI modules and to do meditation that reenergizes your mind power and let use technology in a way that is boon for you.

" Lastly, just stay confident that you have studied everything and don’t let negative vibes get to you. "

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