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ICAI Syllabus Comparison with CA Foundation vs CA CPT
Do you know differentiation of ICAI syllabus for CA Foundation vs CA CPT?

ICAI Syllabus Comparison with CA Foundation vs CA CPT

ICAI Syllabus Comparison with CA Foundation vs CA CPT

  • 21-June-2019
  • CA-Foundation
  • By Team Koncept

CA CPT and CA Foundation exams have been completed for the June 2019 attempt. We hope your exams went GREAT!! We wish you All The Best for the results!

There will be many students who did not gave the exams in this attempt. Now, as you know, it was the last attempt for CA CPT in June 2019. From Nov 2019, only CA Foundation Exam will be held by ICAI. So, all the students pursuing CA have to give CA Foundation Exam only.

Many of you must already know that we teach CA CPT for FREE!! But as told above “R.I.P. CPT”!

We would like to inform you guys that we are building a complete new platform for CA Foundation – New videos & new content. Till that time, you can keep studying the common topics from our CA CPT Application or Website.

Given below is an in depth analysis of what all topics are common between CA CPT and CA Foundation!!

(As per CA Foundation)
TOTAL List of Chapters
(CA Foundation)
CA FoundationCommon in CA CPT
Principles and Practice of Accounting (100 Marks)Theoretical Framework
Accounting Process
Bank Reconciliation Statement
Concept and Accounting of Depreciation
Bill of Exchange and Promissory Notes
Sale of Goods on Approval or Return Basis
Average Due Date
Account Current
Preparation of Final Accounts of Sole Proprietors
Partnership Accounts
Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations
Company Accounts - Equity Shares
Company Accounts - Issue of Debentures
Business Law (60 Marks)The Indian Contract Act, 1872
The Sale of Goods Act, 1930
Indian Partnership Act, 1932