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Crack CPT in LEO's style - CPT Story - PART 2

Crack CPT in LEO's style - CPT Story - PART 2

Crack CPT in LEO's style - CPT Story - PART 2

  • 23-November-2016
  • CA-CPT
  • By Ruchika

At Konceptca we love to solve your doubts.....

Hello brave fighter

Here is PART 2 of a very short and crisp story of LEO who was preparing for CPT with konceptca.com & what follows next - 

LEO goes to his CPT classes in a batch of 200 students.
He has paid quite a hefty amount for that also. He has doubts in a question.

Now, he is afraid of asking it to the teacher directly in the class as he feels its a very petty thing and he will be mocked upon by everyone for such a silly doubt.

So he waits for the class to get over so that he can go personally and ask the doubt.

But what awaits next is that the teacher is already surrounded with ample students with ample queries. And by the time, LEO's turn comes, teacher has already left.

He tries to ask his friend but they are also unable to solve it. He tries to ask the doubt tomorrow but since some new topic comes up, first that topic's doubt is given preference over the back log.

LEO feels sad that even after paying such a huge amount, his doubts are not getting solved.

So, LEO joins www.konceptca.com, where, whenever, LEO has any doubt, he has to just do the following -
  1. Add his doubt to the doubt kart by just one click.
  2. He gets his answers in form of a VIDEO SOLUTION in next 48 hours.
  3. Moreover, his doubt and the solution, both get saved for the future reference also.

LEO is happy and gay & is enjoying (no more hesitated) asking the DOUBTS too 

Cheers to learning!!!

Click the link below & create your study account with us and ask as many doubts as you want. 

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