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How to BRAND?
Branding in CA Profession | It just needs to be a STORY from a personal experience.

How to BRAND?

How to BRAND?

  • 27-May-2020
  • CA-Student
  • By Ruchika

How to BRAND?


Well, we have usually observed - CAs are not that great at marketing and as we see, more & more CAs are becoming entrepreneurs now, this is a skill that we need to have – MARKETING!


To have your great idea go viral, you need to market or brand it

& we have found out that the best way to brand is to make people connect it with a STORY!


We are no marketing guru’s but we just wanted to give you food for thought!


We came across an apparel brand that impressed us, you need to check their website for more details however we have complied our version of their story. Let us know in comments below if you came across a brand that impressed you and why did it impress you so much.

Why do some product/ service/ individual become a BRAND while others don’t?

Answer is easy –

If you can relate some personal experience or a humanness to that product/ service/ individual – it becomes what it craved for – BRAND!

A Brand, that is gradually craved by masses across.


If you have ever seen Nike’s advertisements –

It always showcases the athletes, their story, how they achieved what they wanted and end on how you can JUST DO IT too. They rarely sell their product, they sell the athletes story which you want to make it your story. See their ad below – 




“You associate with a BRAND if there is a – PERSONAL EXPERIENCE”


We came across another trending BRAND overseas – NS2 Apparel.

A clothing store that takes your personal experiences a notch higher. Founded recently by Sister Brother Duo – Nisha & Nikhil Saboo, based in Chicago, USA, their apparels are becoming a rage. Their designs are inspired by the people and places in their lives that make them happy.

For instance – 
They have a memory of attending a wedding in India & have a favorite photograph as their memory. Now, this memory becomes their color palette for designing their apparels. They pick up prominent colors from such photograph & with an ice-dyeing technique, they dye the apparel with such picked up prominent colours!

Check the link below – 





Isn’t that cool!
Furthermore, they donate a portion of their proceeds to ASTEP (Artists Striving To End Poverty) and Mount Sinai COVID-19 Response Fund.

What’s new at their end! if you have any favorite memories, you just need to send them a photograph of the same. They will pick up your colors (from the photograph) & bring it alive on their apparel.


These sister brother duo also happen to be the 1st cousins of your favorite Yash Sir & Ruchika Ma’am.

And we are overwhelmed by their gesture of including KONCEPT in their memories. Needless to say, KONCEPT inspired merchandise is Hot Selling Item on their Board.

Check the link below – 



To read their complete case study, go to their official website – 

Stay more tuned with their recent stories & connect on their Instagram Page -

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