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ICAI Admit Cards for Jan 2021 CA Inter | konceptca.com
CA Intermediate Admit Cards for Jan 2021 ICAI Exam | Koncept Education

ICAI Admit Cards for Jan 2021 CA Inter | konceptca.com

ICAI Admit Cards for Jan 2021 CA Inter | konceptca.com

  • 06-January-2021
  • CA-Inter
  • By Team Koncept

Admit Cards for appearing in Jan 2021 CA Intermediate/ Intermediate(IPC) exams

Admit cards in respect of Jan 2021 CA exams have been hosted on https://icaiexam.icai.org.

Candidates may download the same and print them at their convenience.

It may be noted that Page No 2 of the admit card provides for columns for taking acknowledgement of the invigilator, after submission of the answer books, at the exam hall/centre.

In some papers, candidates are required to submit the descriptive answer book/s, OMR answer sheet and also the Multiple choice question paper booklet (Part-I) to the invigilator, after the conclusion of the exam, before leaving the exam hall.

Accordingly, two columns have been provided for on Page No 2 of the admit card, one for taking acknowledgement for submitting the descriptive answer book and the other for taking acknowledgement for submitting the OMR answer sheet and the MCQ booklet (Part-I) wherever applicable.

In those papers where there is no MCQ component, a cross mark ( X ) has been printed in the last column indicating that there is no OMR/MCQ component in that paper that needs to be submitted and acknowledged.

Candidates are requested to take note of the above and act accordingly.

It may be noted that the cross mark ( X ) does not indicate grant of exemption in that paper.

Exemptions available to an examinee valid for Jan 2021 exams are hosted on https://icaiexam.icai.org

Candidates can check the status of the papers in which they have been granted an exemption, valid for Jan 2021 exam, from the above site

Steps for Admit Card

  1. First of all, you have to login in your account:
    icai ca inter login for admit card
  2. Then you will see in your account "Admit Card View" option like the below screen:
    CA Intermediate May 2019 View Admit Card
  3. In the Final step, you just have to print your Admit Card.

Candidates may also visit the FAQs on subject hosted in the FAQs section of https://icaiexam.icai.org for more details.
For any further clarifications, write to/contact:
Foundation candidates: foundation_examhelpline@icai.in
Final candidates: final_examhelpline@icai.in
Intermediate(IPC) candidates: intermediate_examhelpline@icai.in
Help Line Telephone numbers

0120 3054 851

0120 3054 852

0120 3054 853

0120 3054 854

0120 3054 835

0120 4953 751

0120 4953 752

0120 4953 753

0120 4953 754

Best wishes to all CA Students who will be appearing in CA Intermediate Jan 2019 Exam.

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