ICAI CA Intermediate Special Student Nov 19

  • By TeamKoncept
  • 7 September, 2023
ICAI CA Intermediate Special Student Nov 19

ICAI CA Intermediate Special Student Nov 19

Ronak Makwana - 80% Blind student clears CA Intermediate Both Groups

Q-1 How did your visual impairment impact your schooling and learning process, and what strategies did you employ to overcome these challenges?

A-1 Vision Challenge - So I am visually impaired from birth due to improper development of retina and lens. I can see objects clearly only when really close to my eyes. Rest I can just see them blurry. That's why I can just guess, can't be sure of it.

Schooling I can't see the blackboard even from the very first bench. So the only way I was learning is by listening to faculties. But I would really thank my teachers and friends who helped me a lot in studies.

Q-2 What motivated you to pursue a career in Chartered Accountancy (CA) despite the challenges, and how do you believe this profession will allow you to demonstrate your capabilities to the world as someone with a visual impairment?

A-2 While I am differently abled, I always want to live a life as a normal person. And for that I need to prove the world that I am also capable of doing anything. And what else than CA can help me in proving myself to the world? I was aware that CA is difficult for even normal students and it is going to be even more difficult for me. But then it was a chance for me to prove myself. 

Q-3 Could you share more about how Koncept Education helped you overcome the challenges you faced due to your visual impairment in your preparations?

A-3 As I mentioned earlier I can see from close distance only. I can refer to one thing at a time that is if I have to lift up the book to read and then have to put it down and take calculator to calculate something. It is difficult, but by the time I have developed myself to use calculator as less as possible.

Also traveling is an issue for me. I always need someone to help me travel. And attending face to face classes was not possible for me. Also due to living in a small town (Surendranagar, Gujarat) there were not enough choices. And at this point, Koncept Education was like an angel to me.

I decided to do CA foundation without taking any coaching. Koncept was really helpful for me to study for CA foundation. And after clearing CA foundation, I was sure to go with KonceptCA for my CA inter. It solved my two major problems. First, I did not have to travel. And second, I can't see blackboard so I had to depend on teachers' voice.

But with KonceptCA I was able to see what’s there on paper.

Q-4 Can you explain why you chose not to use a writer for your exams despite the option being available, and how did the extra time accommodation specifically benefit you in your Chartered Accountancy exams given your visual impairment?

A-4 ICAI provides facility of writer and extra time of one and half hour to physically challenged students. But I had only opted for extra time and was writing all the papers by my own. I find it easier to write by my own than using a writer and struggling to explain him/her what to write.

Q-5 In your opinion, how does the transition to fully MCQ-based exams affect students who, prefer to write their exams independently rather than rely on a writer?

A-5 I think ICAI is trying to help students like me, but fully MCQs based paper is more suitable to students who are taking help of writer as it will be much easier to explain right answer to the writer. 

Q-6 Were you able to complete your exams with the help of extra time given to you?

A-6 Okay. I think it was more than enough for me. As I only took extra time of 30 minutes in paper 3 COST AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING Rest of all 7 papers were done within 3 hours. 

Q-7 Are you considering pursuing the CFA designation alongside your CA qualification to further deepen your knowledge in the field of finance, given your strong interest in the subject?

A-7 I am having deep interest in field of finance. So I would like to go in finance field after qualifying as CA. And for getting more knowledge in depth, I am thinking of pursuing CFA simultaneously. Yet, I am not sure about it.

Q-8 How would you describe the significant role that your parents and brother have played in your journey, particularly in terms of supporting your decisions and providing inspiration?

A-8 I consider myself to be nothing without support of my parents and brother. They always supported me in whatever I wanted to do. They never forced me in choosing career. They always inspired me to take all my decision by myself. I can't explain and describe their importance in words.

Q-9 What is your perspective on dealing with life's challenges, and how do you maintain a positive outlook despite facing obstacles, such as your visual impairment?

A-9 Life is full of obstacles and also opportunities. Consider yourself to be lucky for whatever you have got and try to get even more by your hard work and smart work. And always be positive. For me I can think myself unfortunate that my vision is not normal, but I consider myself lucky because at least I can see, though not clear.

Q-10 How did the teaching approach and video lectures from Yash sir, Ruchika ma'am, and Divya ma'am at Koncept Education significantly contribute to your understanding and preparation for various subjects within the CA curriculum?

A-10 I would like to thank Yash sir, Ruchika ma'am and Divya ma'am for helping me to go a step closer to my dream.

Your video lectures are just different than the others. And i just loved it. They are just to the point and interesting. I never felt bored even after 10 hours of continuous studying.

Subject wise review:

Accounting: Videos were really helpful. Sir taught so well that even hardest topics were cakewalk.

Corporate law: Your teaching is really awesome. I was really weak in theory subjects. But your teaching helped me a lot.

Costing: Again, sir's teaching is just awesome. Never felt any difficulties in costing.

Taxation: And now this interesting one. When I watched lectures, I felt why everyone says tax is hard. But when I opened books, I realized tax is a hard subject, but it was sir's teaching skill that made it really easy. I was watching lectures for continuous 10 to 12 hours, yet never felt bored.

Advance accounting: Again a really easy subject only because of Yash sir.

Auditing: While I have scored only 44 marks in audit, I would have scored well, it was just because I was not able to give it proper time. Else your teaching was just awesome. And those memory tricks and audit wall of word helped me a lot.

EIS and SM: The way Yash sir taught was really informative in real life application. I was able to top in my Information technology training just because of Yash sir. And the practical videos were so much interesting.

At last I would say it was really awesome experience studying with KonceptCA.

" Lastly, just stay confident that you have studied everything and don’t let negative vibes get to you. "

Ruchika Saboo An All India Ranker (AIR 7 - CA Finals, AIR 43 - CA Inter), she is one of those teachers who just loved studying as a student. Aims to bring the same drive in her students.

Ruchika Ma'am has been a meritorious student throughout her student life. She is one of those who did not study from exam point of view or out of fear but because of the fact that she JUST LOVED STUDYING. When she says - love what you study, it has a deeper meaning.

She believes - "When you study, you get wise, you obtain knowledge. A knowledge that helps you in real life, in solving problems, finding opportunities. Implement what you study". She has a huge affinity for the Law Subject in particular and always encourages student to - "STUDY FROM THE BARE ACT, MAKE YOUR OWN INTERPRETATIONS". A rare practice that you will find in her video lectures as well.

She specializes in theory subjects - Law and Auditing.

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Yashvardhan Saboo A Story teller, passionate for simplifying complexities, techie. Perfectionist by heart, he is the founder of - Konceptca.

Yash Sir (As students call him fondly) is not a teacher per se. He is a story teller who specializes in simplifying things, connecting the dots and building a story behind everything he teaches. A firm believer of Real Teaching, according to him - "Real Teaching is not teaching standard methods but giving the power to students to develop his own methods".

He cleared his CA Finals in May 2011 and has been into teaching since. He started teaching CA, CS, 11th, 12th, B.Com, M.Com students in an offline mode until 2016 when Konceptca was launched. One of the pioneers in Online Education, he believes in providing a learning experience which is NEAT, SMOOTH and AFFORDABLE.

He specializes in practical subjects – Accounting, Costing, Taxation, Financial Management. With over 12 years of teaching experience (Online as well as Offline), he SURELY KNOWS IT ALL.

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"Koncept perfectly justifies what it sounds, i.e, your concepts are meant to be cleared if you are a Konceptian. My experience with Koncept was amazing. The most striking experience that I went through was the the way Yash sir and Ruchika ma'am taught us in the lectures, making it very interesting and lucid. Another great feature of Koncept is that you get mentor calls which I think drives you to stay motivated and be disciplined. And of course it goes without saying that Yash sir has always been like a friend to me, giving me genuine guidance whenever I was in need. So once again I want to thank Koncept Education for all their efforts."

- Raghav Mandana

"Hello everyone, I am Kaushik Prajapati. I recently passed my CA Foundation Dec 23 exam in first attempt, That's possible only of proper guidance given by Yash sir and Ruchika ma'am. Koncept App provide me a video lectures, Notes and best thing about it is question bank. It contains PYP, RTP, MTP with soloution that help me easily score better marks in my exam. I really appericiate to Koncept team and I thankful to Koncept team."

- Kaushik Prajapati

"Hi. My name is Arka Das. I have cleared my CMA Foundation Exam. I cleared my 12th Board Exam from Bengali Medium and I had a very big language problem. Koncept Education has helped me a lot to overcome my language barrier. Their live sessions are really helpful. They have cleared my basic concepts. I think its a phenomenal app."

- Arka Das

"I cleared my foundation examination in very first attempt with good marks in practical subject as well as theoretical subject this can be possible only because of koncept Education and the guidance that Yash sir has provide me, Thank you."

- Durgesh