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If you FAIL CPT? Then what to do? | konceptca.com
Remember - Its Okay to Fail!

If you FAIL CPT? Then what to do? | konceptca.com

If you FAIL CPT? Then what to do? | konceptca.com

  • 12-January-2018
  • CA-CPT
  • By Ruchika

Remember – Its Okay to Fail!

Honestly, if you fail this exam or for that matter any exam in your life, there are always few options available for you (very similar to the CPT Exam Pattern) –

  1. OPTION A – Cry, cry, cry, cry and cry out very hard. Let everyone know on this earth – that OMG! What tragic thing has happened to this poor fellow! All our deep sympathies with you.
  2. OPTION B – Complain. Complain that it was not your fault. The checkers have made some error in the checking. They have deliberately made such a hard paper. Infact, I feel that there is some standard deduction bcoz of which I failed.
  3. OPTION C – Lets Leave this CA Course only. I failed the exam that means I am not made for this exam. It is all in luck. I studied but I still flunked. It means my luck is not there in this exam but some other course. So, why waste time here? I should take up some other course
  4. OPTION D – So, what if I failed? Its not the end of the journey. I AM NOT QUITTING! I will give it another try, a more planned try this time, a little more hard work this time, a little more focus this time, a little more patience this time, a little from study this time. But I AM CERTAINLY NOT QUITTING


So, which option will you choose?

Choose it wisely, choose it straight from your heart & not under any peer pressure. As your friend, I will always recommend you to choose Option D.

Trust me, a failure once in a life is a good thing to happen. It makes you more risk prone. It brings you out from your own comfort cocoon. There is absolutely no point in sobbing & seeking empathies. Its sheer waste of your health & mood and even those of others. Always remember one thing – that once you have taken a decision, you have to STICK TO IT and bear all the fruits & repercussions. You drive your car on your own.

If not this time, may be next time you will qualify it.

Try to find out –

  1. Where did you go wrong?
  2. Where did the effort go less?
  3. Was it a lesser practice & more reading of books?
  4. Was it taking this exam casually, being a MCQ based exam?
  5. Did I solve ample practice questions & took tests?
  6. Did I understand the chapters nicely or was it just an overview?

You will get your answer. Unless you find your answer, you will keep going hey why. You will not be able to take the right move as to which area should I focus now. So, identify your weak areas as well as your strengths. Draft a plan for yourself & stick to it till your next attempt.

Start New, Start Fresh!

Give it another try. Give your 100%.

And make sure that you shine out this time!


By Ruchika

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