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  • 01-January-2018
  • CA-CPT
  • By TeamKoncept

CA INTER "KEd Cast" Contest 1 - Top 3 Winners are

 Deepak Kumar 
Ashwan Ahmed1Navneet Singh

Our Participant's Videos are

Great use of Articles & Voice, Explanation very neat.

Uploaded by Deepak Kumar

Super Explanation & Humour.

Uploaded by Ashwan Ahmed

Great Explanation, Enthusiastic Voice!

Uploaded by Navneet Singh

Super use of Techonology.

Uploaded by Dolly Singh

Good effort.

Uploaded by Nitin Choudhary

Very confident voice & good Explanation with facts.

Uploaded by Polumi Das

Super use of Techonology.

Uploaded by Priyanshu Saini

Super use of Articles & Great visuals appearance.

Uploaded by Pushpiner Singh Mangal

Very good Explanation & Presentation.

Uploaded by Radhika Bhansali

Good Explanation.

Uploaded by Shrawan Choudhary

Very confident voice & in depth Explanation.

Uploaded by Smrita C

Good Humour.

Uploaded by Suhani Gupta

Good Explanation & Very proper use of articles.

Uploaded by Tiana

Good Explanation.

Uploaded by Vidya Sagar


We are overwhelmed with our students’ submissions on this contest.

We appreciate the immense efforts taken by you all in terms of research, content, display and even the technology part in the videos. You all make us so proud!! 

Congratulations to all of you and always Keep Shining!