By Ruchika

What to do between CPT Exam date & CPT Result Date?


You could travel, rest or anything you like to be part of. But is vacation just about relaxation?

Let’s mix this relaxation with some learning.

Let’s start with a PLAN.

Plan your vacation in such a manner where you mentally relax yourself and fix certain hours where you are engaged in learning for your next big step – CA INTERMEDIATE!

We all know that we can broadly categorize students among the following groups -

  2. Grey Area – May be, May be Not
  3. 100% next attempt – Who knows that this was not their last attempt & still 6 months more to go 😉. (I am sure you are not the one who is looking for this vacation which we are talking about)

If you fall in Group 1-

Get started immediately. Don’t wait for the result as you know it before (if not in terms of marks but at least in terms of you clearing the same). Enroll for the CA INTERMEDIATE CLASSES. As this 1 month also counts. Post result, your attempt will be due in Nov 2018 for which you will have roughly 9 months & if you put that extra effort in this 1 month, you will certainly have an edge over others. So, don’t lose this precious time.

What we suggest is not the full fledged 6-7 hours of study. But at least 3-4 hours a day which is relatively free. (Find out the Best Online CA INTERMEDIATE CLASSES)

If you fall in Group 2-

Don’t over access yourself with that, just get an idea of what all areas (subjects) you have to deal with in upcoming level. You can watch the demo study videos in the Trial Account created in Online CA INTERMEDIATE CLASSES (How to create a FREE TRIAL ACCOUNT for Online CA INTERMEDIATE Classes).

Get along with the flow of topics. So, that you just have to start basic concepts of subjects.
Once your result comes & it is positive, you can enroll for the complete CA Inter Classes.

If you fall in Group 3-

Well, you don’t really need a 30 days plan right?
You know your dos & don’ts very well.

With this, we know that Every Step matters!
Whatever you will study in the CA INTER will be your base for CA FINAL and even practical aspects related to it. So, try to strengthen your base with a little extra effort. Wow! Not bad. Who said vacation cannot be for learning!

So don’t wait any further!
Find out which group do you fall into & take that much needed step.
And yes also enjoy the Vacations. LOT IS AHEAD

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Still a lot more to go.

Cheers to learning!!!

From being 1st in my state in CPT, 43rd in ALL INDIA in CA PCC and finally 7th in ALL INDIA in CA FINALS, I'm sharing all the valuable secrets of achieving the most coveted title - CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT

- Ruchika Saboo

Know The Secrets

Ruchika Saboo

Chartered Accountant
(AIR 7 - CA Finals and AIR 43 - CA PCC)
Worked with Urban Infrastructure Venture Capital Fund (A Private Equity Fund) for 3.5 years.
Being a meritorious scholar throughout and clearing all the levels of Chartered Accountancy in 1st attempt, I know what all is required to build a student\'s foundation and make him/ her shine out. I have worked for 3 and half years with a Private Equity Fund before moving into Education. My experience in the fund got me a valuable exposure in the areas of financial modelling, valuations, fund management, analyzing deal proposals, liasoning and fund coordination, due diligence. My work experience coupled with my credentials gives me a holistic approach in crafting the right study methodologies for the aspiring students.

Besides my work I am passionate for cooking and eating. If not found on my desk, you will find me in the kitchen or at an eatery tasting (TESTING) something.