Konceptca provides Complete Study Videos for ALL subjects of CPT
Our study videos are not just any video lectures.
They are -
  • Short, Crisp & To the Point
  • Meaningfully segregated TopicWise
  • Have doubt while learning ? Comment it, we reply to your doubts super fast
  • Summarised at the end of each topic
  • Watch them, anyTIME, anyWHERE & most importantly anyNUMBER OF TIMES
  • Actually more as your friend than a teacher
  • Passionate & Enthusiastic voice
  • TIME is what matters the most and thus videos are made in a manner that you waste less time with technology and gain more Conceptually.


Well, the point is - you have already studied this subject a lot in 11th & 12th
So, what extra you get here?

  • Your fundamentals / basics are made even stronger by re-building your logics
  • We help you with how you can score higher from exam point of view
  • Practical & Theory - We teach everything
  • Learn short tricks on calculator and understand tricks such as elimination method
  • Confusing topics like - BRS, Consignment, Profit % on Sale to Cost & vice versa, simplified like never before