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CA Intermediate Study Plan & CA Intermediate Mock Test Series for CA INTERMEDIATE May 2019 - Both Groups AttemptThis CA Intermediate Study Plan & CA Intermediate Mock Test Series are for students attempting Both Groups

Since practice makes everything perfect, we are conducting a weekly CA Inter test series for all the chapters of CA intermediate course. This test is specifically designed for CA Intermediate May 2019 students attempting Both Groups. In this CA Inter test series all the papers are made as per the ICAI pattern and the checking is also done as per ICAI pattern. In this CA Inter test series first all the chapters of CA Inter will be covered in weekly test. Every week test will be conducted and paper will be checked and forwaded back to the students, with checked paper solution paper will also be provided. All the chapters of all the subjects will be covered in the weekly test atleast once. After completing all chapters, 100 marks full subject test will be conducted for each and every subject of Ca Intermediate. In these 100 marks test, question pattern will be exactly same as per ICAI pattern (i.e optional questions, MCQ questions, time allotted, pen colour that can be used, etc. as per ICAI guidelines). By following the test schedule you will be able to complete your CA Intermediate course with 100 marks ICAI pattern paper and you will have ample of time to revise for the CA Intermediate May 2019 paper.

CA Intermediate STUDY Plan + TEST Series for both groups May 2019 Attempt

This test series is now completed. We are happy to share that a good number of students followed our test series schedule and scored good marks with consistency.

"Best of Luck to all students for May 2019 Intermediate Exam."

If you want to download our schdule you can download in image format: Download Image file: CA Intermediate Both Groups Schedule