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CA Inter Result, Exam Dates and Exam Form

CA Inter exam is conducted twice a year – May and November.

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Upcoming CA Inter Exam Dates

The upcoming CA Inter exams will be conducted by ICAI in the month of Nov 2023. The exams will commence from 2nd Nov 2023. The date sheet has been announced by ICAI which is given below.

CA Inter Exam Dates Exam Time Exam Duration
Paper 1 : Accounting 2nd Nov 2023 2pm – 5pm EST 3 Hours
Paper 2 : Corporate Laws and Other Laws 4th Nov 2023 2pm – 5pm EST 3 Hours
Paper 3 : Cost and Management Accounting 6th Nov 2023 2pm – 5pm EST 3 Hours
Paper 4 : Taxation 8th Nov 2023 2pm – 5pm EST 3 Hours
Paper 5 : Advanced Accounting 10th Nov 2023 2pm - 5pm EST 3 Hours
Paper 6 : Auditing and Assurance 13th Nov 2023 2pm - 5pm EST 3 Hours
Paper 7 : Enterprise Information Systems and Strategic Management 15th Nov 2023 2pm - 5pm EST 3 Hours
Paper 8 : Financial Management and Economics for Finance 17th Nov 2023 2pm - 5pm EST 3 Hours

(updated on 22nd July 2023)

Examination City Date of Election Examination & Paper Previous Notified Date Rescheduled Date
Chhattisgarh State, Phase I (examination center at Rajnandgaon) 7th November 2023(Tuesday) Final, Group I, Paper 4, (Corporate and Economic Laws) 7th November 2023(Tuesday) 19th November 2023(Sunday)
Chhattisgarh State, Phase II (examination center at Bilapur, Durg, Raigarh and Raipur) 17th November 2023(Friday) Intermediate Group II, Paper 8 (Financial Management & Economics for Finance) 17th November 2023(Friday)
Madhya Pradesh State (examination center at Bhopal, Burhanpur, Chhindwara, Gwalior, Indore, Jabalpur, Katni, Khandwa, Mandsaur, Neemuch, Ratlam, Rewa, Sagar, Satna and Ujjain)

CA Inter Online Exam Form Filling Process

CA Inter exam form-filling up is a completely online process. The link for the exam form is Registration Link, this link can be found on the ICAI website also-

  • ICAI Website
  • E-Services tab (if you are browsing through mobile this would be inside the options tab on the top right)
  • Examination Services
  • Steps for filling Exam Application at Self Service Portal (SSP) (CA Inter).

Once you open this link you can easily enter the fields required and continue your form filling up step by step.

Step by Step CA Inter examination form fill up process -

  • Step 1 - Open Examination Form
  • Step 2 - Log in using your credentials
  • Step 3 - Click on exam functions in the ca student life cycle section
  • Open the CA Intermediate exam form and fill up all the details asked on the webpage
  • Step 5 - Select the exam center, and medium of the exam very carefully
  • Step 6 - Make the payment

And after this, your registration for the inter exam with ICAI would be complete. You will receive an email from ICAI about the same, later you will have to download your admit card.

CA Inter Exam Form Fees

Every CA student after their registration with ICAI just before exams has to fill up the CA exam form. CA inter students can fill exam form for either single group or both groups as per their preparation. Once a ca student fills up the exam form only then he would be eligible to attempt for the upcoming ca intermediate exam attempt.

CA Inter Exam Form Fees
For Indian Centre(s)
Single Group ₹1500
Both Groups ₹2700
For Overseas Centre(s) – Excluding Kathmandu Centre
Single Group US$ 325
Both Groups US$ 500
For Bhutan & Kathmandu Centre(s)
Single Group ₹2200
Both Groups ₹3400

The late fee for online submission of examination application form after the scheduled last date would be ₹ 600/- (for Indian / Kathmandu Centres) and US $ 10 (for Overseas Centres) as decided by the Council.

CA Inter Exam Passing Criteria

We know that a ca student can give either single group or both groups exams as per his/her preparation. To pass ca Inter exam, ca student has to pass both the groups. This can be done by clearing single groups in one go or both groups in one go. Below mentioned is the passing criteria:

Group 1

    Pass Criteria 1 Pass Criteria 2
CA Inter Exam Passing Criteria Exam Marks Min. Marks Overall score
Paper 1 : Advanced Accounting 100 40 CA Student total score of all the 3 papers should be more than or equal to 150 marks
Paper 2 : Corporate and Other Laws 100 40
Paper 3 : Taxation 100 40

For a student to pass in CA Inter Group 1 exam they needs to fulfill both the passing criteria

Group 2

    Pass Criteria 1 Pass Criteria 2
CA Inter Exam Passing Criteria Exam Marks Min. Marks Overall score
Paper 4 : Cost and Management Accounting 100 40 CA Student total score of all the 3 papers should be more than or equal to 150 marks
Paper 5 : Auditing and Ethics 100 40
Paper 6 : Financial Management and Strategic Management 100 40

For a student to pass in CA Inter Group 2 exam they needs to fulfill both the passing criteria

To clear both groups of ca inter exam together, a ca student need to score minimum 40 marks in every subject and 50% marks aggregate i.e. 300 marks in total.

Set-Off feature

Set-off is a relaxation provided by icai to ca inter students. It is only provided when a candidate gives both group examinations in an attempt.

As we know, a ca student has to score aggregate 50% in both groups and 40% in individual subjects. Now here set off comes in play.

For ex: Rahul has to score 300 out of 600 in both groups (50% marks) and minimum 40 marks in each subject. Rahul scored 172 marks in Group 1 and 139 marks in Group 2. If he had given both the groups individually, he would have passed just Group 1. But if he had given both groups together, set off feature will help him in clearing Both the groups. Total marks of both groups together will be 311. The extra 22 marks gained in Group 1 will be used to set off the deficiency of 11 marks of Group 2.

Exemption: There is a provision of exemption as well for ca intermediate students who score above 60% in a subject. If, for example, a candidate who appeared in group 1 and passed any subjects with score above 60 and couldn’t pass the other subjects, in such a case he can claim exemption in subjects in which he scored 60+ marks. With this, he can appear in the rest of the subjects of CA Intermediate in the exam session that follows.

CA Inter Old Syllabus Result Passing Percentage

The Latest CA Inter Old Syllabus exam was held in May 2023. 18.95% students cleared just Group I. 23.44% students cleared just Group II whereas only 10.24% students cleared both groups of CA Inter exam.

Group No. of candidates appeared No. of candidates passed CA Inter Pass Percentage
Group I 100,781 19,103 18.95%
Group II 81,956 19,208 23.44%
Both Groups 39,195 4014 10.24%

ICAI provides a list of Top 50 CA inter students all over India and ranks are also provided for the same. Only students who have cleared both groups are eligible to appear in the merit list. CA Inter Topper list for May 2023 exam attempt:

Particulars AIR 1 AIR 2 AIR 3
Name Y Gokul Sai Seeker Noor Singla Kavya Sandeep
City Hyderabad Patiala Mumbai
Marks 688/800 682/800 678/800
Percentage 86% 85.25% 84.75%

CA Inter Paper Rechecking

Re-evaluation of evaluated answer books is not permitted as per CA Regulations 1988. This means that once an answer sheet is checked and marks are awarded to the ca inter student, ICAI will not recheck the paper. This seems very unfair and a lot of ca students protested against this rule. However, instead of re-checking ICAI has provided students with 2 options -

Option 1: CA Inter paper verification

Verification of answer sheet: CA Inter students can go for verification of their answer sheets. Verification means

  • Whether the answer book(s) compilation is complete
  • Whether any question or part thereof has remained unvalued
  • Whether there is any totaling error in any question or total marks on the cover page
  • Whether there is any discrepancy between the marks for each question and or/part thereof and marks for each question indicated on the cover page of the answer book
  • Whether the handwriting of the candidate in all the answer books is the same.

So if you feel after looking at your CA Result that there might be an error where some questions you answered would not be evaluated, there would be some totaling error then you may go for this option.

The procedure for verification is to apply online at ICAI Verification Procedure within a month from the date of declaration of results and also pay the applicable fee. It takes about 6-8 weeks for the verification process to complete and at the end, there can be 4 outcomes

  • No change of marks
  • Increase of marks, impacting result or exemption in one or more paper(s)
  • Increase of marks, which does not have an impact on result or exemption in one or more paper(s)
  • Decrease of marks

Helpline email:

Option 2: CA Inter Certified copies

Certified copies mean that you will be provided with your checked answer book. Certified copies of the evaluated answer book can be obtained by ca students.

However, at the CA Inter Old Syllabus level, certified copies of MCQs part of paper 2, 4, 6 and 7 (these papers have 30 marks MCQs) only your OMR sheet would be provided and not the question paper.

When you apply for certified copies verification of answer books, is also carried out by the office, suo-motu, in respect of all applications for a certified copy of evaluated answer book, and in case of any discrepancy leading to an increase in total marks, a revised statement of marks is also sent to you.


I applied for certified copies of my evaluated answer books and received them. I am not satisfied with the evaluation of my answers and the marks awarded. I want to apply for a re-evaluation of my answer book. Can I do so?

No, as re-checking is not permitted by ICAI.


I applied for certified copies of my evaluated answer books and received them. I notice that some parts of the answers are not evaluated by the examiner or there is a totaling error or marks awarded have not been carried forward to the cover page or such other matters that fall within the scope of verification covered under Regulation 39(4). What should I do now?

Answer: You can write to the office about the same, within 30 days from the date of the letter.

The procedure for certified copies is to apply online at Certified Copies within a month from the date of declaration of results and also pay the applicable fee.

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