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CA INTERMEDIATE Tests The CA INTER Preparation is incomplete without ample tests. So, kickstart your CA INTER Preparation with Koncept CA INTER TESTS!

  • Weekends at Koncept are meant to test yourself.
  • Every week, a test is conducted of multiple chapters.
  • The test paper is uploaded in your study account.
  • You can download the same & take the test in your notebook (as per the instructions mentioned).
  • Once, you are done with your test, mail us a picture of your test sheets.
  • And we get back to you with your checked test sheet having your score and the correct solution copy as well.
  • This revision is conducted usually 2-3 months before your exam attempt.
  • In this revision, every week 2 tests will be conducted of 4-5 chapters in each test which you can download & submit is the same manner as that of weekly tests.
  • Since, such revision tests are conducted back to back in short time intervals, it makes you more exam ready.
  • You get immense practice to face the exam before exam, time management, pressure handling, focus & concentration.